2023 Home Furniture Predictions 

Do you like to stay ahead of interior design trends? Wondering what the latest home design trends will be in 2023? If you have wondered, you have made it to the right place. Trends are ever-changing and often show a steady shift forward. What 2023 has in store will satisfy even the hardest-to-please home designers. 

Our interior designers in Boulder, CO are prepping for the new year and staying up-to-date on the latest interior design trends. Check out what we know so far.

Color Trends

In 2023 color schemes for furniture and interior design will be gentler and easier on the eyes. It is moving away from colors that feel artificial. Instead, color schemes are moving toward blending the outdoors with the indoors, creating a seamless flow. 

Earthy and Neutral tones are just one example. The warm, gentle hues create an organic version of sparkly metallics. It fits a modern style while offering alternatives to traditional neutrals. Also, look for blends of blue and green hues. This color scheme brings land and sea tones together. 

Lavender, surprisingly, is a top contender for 2023. The muted hue adds freshness to any space and a pop of color in an otherwise neutral environment. 

Creating Wellness in Your Space

The color schemes of 2023 all lean toward the same, creating an environment of ease and wellness. A large part of wellness is a space that has a more natural and organic feel. So, when using these furniture color schemes, the layout of the furniture in your space plays a crucial role. Less is always more but not so much less that you lean towards minimalism. You should have just enough to create improved traffic space. 

Green Interior Design 

A green interior design will be huge in 2023 and also falls under creating an environment of wellness. The eco-friendly look is a look that will stay fresh for times to come. Creating a green home design involves bringing the outside inside and blending into the natural environment. Going green can be done by sourcing materials from your environment, such as:

    • Wood
    • Plants 
    • Wool
    • Stone
    • Bamboo

Another way to bring green to your home is by using live plants. You can go as small or as large as you want. However, the wilder the plant, the more it gives that outside effect. 

Interior Designers Looking Ahead To 2023

The new year is approaching, and keeping a fresh home should be on your plan for the new year. The trending furniture and home design predictions for 2023 are all about being natural and creating wellness environments. Let Kate Hartman Interiors help you through this process. 

Our interior design firm in Boulder, CO is ready to bring beauty and comfort together to amplify your space.  

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