An interior designer should stay on top of trends and even ahead of what is to be popular. Our interior designer in Boulder, CO is already looking ahead to some of the biggest interior design trends of 2023.

Art Deco

Revitalizing past design trends has always been an industry favorite; next year, we expect to see a lot of art deco inspiration. Minimalism had its moment, but we predict that 2023 will bring a more substantial interest in decorative and ornate details. Bright colors, geometric patterns, and symmetry are just some elements expected to be on the rise in support of the deco style. 

Natural Elements 

If ornate art deco isn’t your style, have no fear. Nature-inspired design is another hot trend for 2023. This style will see lots of live plants in the home, natural wood, and warm browns. This style focuses on keeping the decor organic and natural and is a beautiful way to feel like you’re bringing the outdoors into the home. 

Eye-Catching Arches 

Another design trend reviving from times past is arches. Drawing inspiration from the architecture of the Renaissance, this visual element will be everywhere – doorways, windows, frames, wallpaper, or mirrors, just to name a few. 

Oversized Light Fixtures 

Playing around with size, scale, and proportion is fun to bring interest into your space. In 2023, we anticipate large, design-forward light fixtures to take center stage, proving that oversized lighting does more than just brighten up your room – it’s a statement of its own. 

Curves Everywhere

Curves and round shapes have been making their way into interiors for some time now, and, just like with arches, we only expect that to amplify next year. Crescent sofas, circular rugs, and egg chairs are just a few home décor items that will be honoring this trend next year. 

2023 Paint Colors Of The Year

Emerging paint colors are a great indicator of styles to come, and 2023’s predicted paint colors are all about self-expression. Here are a few of the top colors that interior designers are keeping an eye on:

    • Redend Point by Sherwin-Williams – This blend of beige and blush features subtle pink undertones and is sure to bring comfort and joy into your home. 
    • Blank Canvas by Behr – A breath of fresh air, this warm white is limitless in the home.
    • Vining Ivy by Glidden – This blue-green shade nods to nature and provides a perfect tranquil backdrop for your interior. The rich jewel tone pairs well with natural elements and metallic decor items alike. 
    • Rustic Greige by Dutch Boy  – Cozy and calm, this gray-beige shade goes with everything. Perfect for any room in the house, the subtle red undertones are just enough to warm up your space and pair nicely with other trending earth tones of 2023.  

Kate Hartman Interiors: Your Interior Designer in Boulder, CO

Your space should reflect yourself, and the new year may be the perfect time to breathe new life into your home. Kate Hartman Interiors can help ensure your home is perfect for 2023. Contact us today to get started!

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