Trends are nice but they are forever changing. Trends apply to everything from clothing to the latest makeup trends. Trends also apply to homes and home decor. If you are looking to create a timeless home there are certain pieces that you should include in your decor. Now these timeless pieces do not come at a cheap cost. Normally we try to do everything to save as much as we can and still create the styles that we want witha minimum budget. However, there are some pieces that you should splurge on and Kate Hartman Interiors can guide you through that process. We want you to get the maximum benefit out of everything you purchase for your space. 

Decorating Pieces To Splurge On

Layering decor and furnishings in a space is an art form that not everyone can master, but the staff at Kate Hartman Interiors has mastered this art form. Rugs are a good way to go to create a layering look in your space. A Persian Rug is something you will want to make the extra investment in. Not only are they known for their extremely high quality, but they are also known for their high durability. Persian rugs can withstand a lot of wear and tear ranging from children and spills to pets and pet hair. With the right attention and care, they can last for generations to come, they will not only serve you but everyone after you. It is definitely worth the investment. 


Whether it’s a Picasso, Monet, or a da Vinci classic, original wall art is something every space can use that will never fail. Art has the ability to ground a room and bring everything together. It can also draw the focus of the room to a specific area, giving the room more personality! Making the investment in original classic art pieces is another thing that will last for generations to come. The world of fine art is diverse and really unique to the individual. Each art piece you invest in can bring a totally different look to the space even if the art is by the same artist. You can keep consistency with using the same artist while having each piece be vastly different. 


Clay can be dirt in the wrong hands but art in another” This beautiful quote by Lupita Nyong’O is exactly how we would describe deciding where to put something sculpted in your home. Investing in original sculpted pieces of art is not for the faint of heart, but once your piece is found it can add an uncanny beauty to your space. You can invest in smaller pieces like a large sculpted clay vase. You can fill it with a variety of flowers and branches just to add a bit of nature and a natural touch to your space.  

Fabrics And Textiles

Selecting the right fabrics is essential in defining the mood of a room, and Kate Hartman Interiors suggests investing in luxurious materials for upholstery, curtains, and bedding. Fabrics like silk, velvet, and high-quality linens not only provide comfort but also bring opulence and sophistication to your space. For instance, silk adds a timeless elegance with its smooth texture and light-catching properties, while velvet’s plushness and rich colors create a sense of luxury, especially in curtains. High-quality linens offer comfort and a relaxed feel, enhancing your bedroom’s ambiance. These sumptuous fabrics elevate the overall look and feel of your home, transforming it into a haven of style and refinement.

Lights and Tones 

Lighting is possibly one of the biggest pieces for your space that you can invest in, after all, you do have to see. You must consider your style and whether you want to use white lights to create a bright space or warm lights to bring that sense of warmth and intimacy. Low-level lamps for your tables are a great item to start with. Other options you can consider are: 

  1. Candles 
  2. Table Lights 
  3. Wall Lights 
  4. Floor Lights 

Each of these options holds a different aesthetic and can completely transform any space. You can combine any of these lighting options with neutral upholstery. Going neutral not only stands the test of time but allows variety in the space. The possibilities are endless when using a neutral pallet for upholstery. 

Custom Furniture

Kate Hartman Interiors works closely with skilled artisans to create personalized pieces for your home, like unique cabinets, handcrafted furniture, and custom textiles. While these items may be pricier, they add a special touch that makes your home stand out. Custom cabinets are designed to fit perfectly and look great in your space. Handmade furniture becomes both functional and artistic, while custom textiles ensure a cohesive look throughout your home. Investing in these custom pieces may cost more, but they bring a unique and high-quality vibe to your space, making it truly yours.


Making investments in your space is one of the most important decisions you can make. There are some items you can get away with using a lower budget, but there are other pieces you should absolutely splurge on. Most of the items listed above can last for generations to come, let Kate Hartman Interiors guide you through the process of finding classic pieces that will last a lifetime. Contact us today to get started!

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