Life can get very busy and overwhelming at times, especially in the world of interior design. If you happen to be someone looking to redo or revamp your living space sometimes you might not even have time to do that. So what do you do when you finally get the time to sit down and relax? Do you read or do you sit down to watch some TV. Luckily there is a great streaming service that everyone has heard of called Netflix that has some great movies and television series. Netflix is also the home to some interior design shows and movies that can offer good insight if you are one of those people looking for inspiration for your space. Kate Hartman Interiors can share the best movies and shows to watch for interior design inspiration while you chill! 

The Best Movies and Shows On Netflix For Interior Design Inspiration 

Movies and television shows can offer a wealth of knowledge about interior design with their stunning and professional sets that are used when filming. The Devil Wears Prada is one of the first movies on Kate Hartman’s list. This movie which was filmed in 2006 showcases high-end New York luxury apartments. Though in the movie these apartments belonged to an elite group of people, you can easily take inspiration from this movie and achieve this luxury look in your own home. The pandemic of 2020 has left many people working from home, meaning that you have created a home office in some way. The Devil Wears Prada is another great movie to draw inspiration from if you are looking to update the look of your home office to achieve a comforting more luxurious feel. 

Era Inspiration in Movies 

There are some people who seem to be stuck in a specific era. For many of the baby boomers, the 1970s seem to be an era that many reflect back on, and for millennials the 1990s and early 2000s never get old. For others they love the beauty of eras they have never experienced before. The Great Gatsby, an amazing adaptation of the classic book written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a movie to draw inspiration from for lovers of the 1920s era. Midnight In Paris is another that showcases the stunning beauty of interior design and architecture of the 1920s era. The majority of interior design in the 1920s was Art Deco and Bauhaus-inspired. 

Detailed Design 

The best thing about getting interior design inspiration from movies is that set designers spend hours researching the design. The attention to detail, even small ones, is what makes these sets the real deal. In the Netflix movie Call Me By Your Name, the set designer did just that and the details highlight the charming, rustic, and elegant interior which can offer inspiration for a cozy and inviting space for your home. With the attention to detail in this movie the hard work is already done for you, making this process easier for you to achieve this look in your space.  

TV Shows For Design Inspiration 

Interior Design Masters is a Netflix interior design series, however, this one is competition-based. Aspiring interior designers compete against each other for a contract to design a luxury hotel. This show is a platform for new talent to showcase their ideas and an excellent place of inspiration for anyone seeking to draw in ideas for interior design. Amazing Interiors is an eye-opening series that showcases the interior design of not only homes across the world but unconventional spaces that people use as a home as well. This show does not bring the expected and gives another perspective on beautiful interior design that includes: 

  1. Architecture 
  2. Historic Pieces 
  3. Cultural Design 

These things combined can bring culture, comfort, and luxury to any space.  

Looking to Build 

If you are looking to invest in a new construction home or even a renovation, Dream Home Makeover is an inspiring Netflix series. The show follows a husband and wife duo who help families achieve their design dreams all within their afforded budget. This show not only showcases beautiful interiors but also teaches you how to transform your space. This show also illustrates how you do not have to break the bank in order to have the home of your dreams. This serves as an inspiration to viewers knowing they can not only have the home they desire but they do not have to go beyond their budget to achieve this. 

Interior Design Inspiration from Netflix 

Netflix movies and shows offer a plethora of interior design inspiration. There are stunning and creative interiors that are displayed across the board from residential spaces to commercial and hospitality spaces. This is helpful for anyone looking for interior design inspiration whether you want to just revamp a single room, your whole space, renovate, or start from scratch with new construction. Nothing is better than relaxing and binge-watching to gather ideas. Kate Hartman Interiors can help you bring these ideas to life. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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