When it comes to owning a home in any area there are specific things that you can do to bring the surrounding beauty together with the outer and inner beauty of your home. This cohesiveness will give you a space you are sure to enjoy for years to come. Let Kate Hartman Interiors show you how this can be accomplished.  

Bringing Cohesiveness To Home Design 

When it comes to selecting materials to build a cohesive palette for your home, this requires a continuous tone that embraces both the interior and exterior of your home. Intermingling materials in any form such as wood or stone from the inside out, helps to define the scale, space, and comfort of the visual aspect of the design. Materials play an important role when it comes to creating cohesiveness. The good thing is there are many material items to choose from that will help you reach the cohesive look for your home that you desire.   

Watch Your Tone

Choosing a color pattern or pallet is essential when it comes to a cohesive look. A neutral color scheme is probably the most diverse option when it comes to tone because you are able to use it in so many ways to create cohesion. For example, using wood as a neutral tone allows you to complement or contrast creatively using other items such as:

  1. Steel
  2. Stone Veneer 
  3. Beams 
  4. Unfinished Concrete for floors


Using a neutral tone will also allow for pops of color here and there if you are looking to add color. Adding a pop of color to your home with the neutral color pallet displays your unique style while still maintaining cohesion and sophistication. 

Spacial Awareness

Spacial Awareness is another factor that will bring cohesiveness to your home. Once you have decided on a color palette and have chosen materials that fit your space, detailed separation of the materials is important as well. You can choose to go minimal with a no-trim transition. It’s important to pay attention to how materials can create a visual focal point through the use of space. There could be one statement piece or a few that tie everything together. There is no limit to creativity, what it ultimately comes down to is using the materials in a unique way in your space to create focal points and transitions.  

The Natural Surrounding 

Your home’s natural surroundings play an important role when it comes to choosing materials. The natural surroundings and landscape, man-made outdoor spaces, and bodies of water will all have an influence on the tonal nature of the materials. For example, if your home is located in a mountainous area you will aim for more grounded earth tones or if there is a body of water nearby you will want to go with lighter tones that play on the reflection of the water. Even if you live in the busy inner city revival area you can pull in tones that represent the culture around you.  

Kate Hartman Interiors Will Advocate For You

The Construction Administration team at Kate Hartman Interiors not only excels at helping their clients focus on creating cohesiveness in their homes but the interior design firm puts a focus on a symbiotic and cohesive relationship between the owner, contractor, architect, and designer. Kate Hartman Interiors works on behalf of the client, serving as their advocate throughout the construction phase of a project. While the importance of complete construction plans, details, specifications, and selections cannot be overemphasized, even with the best of planning, unanticipated challenges will arise on every project. The goal is to handle issues and details with creative problem-solving without compromising the overall design or request of clients. 

Elevate Your Design With Cohesiveness 

There are many ways to bring cohesiveness to your home, no matter where you live. Kate Hartman, an interior designer in Boulder, CO has the knowledge and the savvy to help you bring the cohesiveness to your home design that you desire. This will elevate your home design by creating elegance, and sophistication that is welcoming. So what are you waiting for? Contact Kate Hartman Interiors now and get started on your journey of home design.

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