Are you looking for new ways to revitalize your home furniture with local Colorado trends? We’ve got you covered. Let’s look at some of our favorite popular furniture and interior design trends in Colorado.

Top Colorado Furniture Trends of 2022

As many of us spend more time working from home, it’s more important than ever for your space to feel comfy and in tune with your taste. With a focus on comfort, natural elements, and individual styles, we’re sure you’ll love these fresh Colorado furniture trends as much as we do.


Leather furniture provides a classic, neutral look that is easily matched with almost any style. An elegant leather sofa or set of armchairs can help ground your space and add a sense of warmth and depth. The neutral tans and browns of leather also mean plenty of wiggle room to experiment with different styling choices, such as art, lamps, plants, blankets, and pillows. And although usually a bit more pricey, leather furniture is always a worthwhile investment—the material is durable, comfortable, easily cleaned, and sure to last as a timeless staple throughout your home’s interior design.

Natural Elements

This fun trend lets you incorporate the natural beauty of Colorado’s outdoors into your home. Warm sunlight, plants, stone surfaces, and wooden frames and furniture all make for a cozy, fresh vibe that will make you feel more connected to nature. The rising popularity of sustainable and eco-friendly furniture also helps support the environment and make your space feel organic.

Transitional Style Furniture

Are you feeling confined by a specific style or design era? Try a transitional style approach. Characterized by a natural blend of traditional elements and modern sensibility, transitional style design allows homemakers to explore their favorite components of multiple styles without limiting them to a specific design or time period.

Although it varies by individual taste, transitional style rooms are typically based on neutral blues, tans, and grays and are accented with warmer colors, woods, and metals. Furniture tends to sit low, wide, and flat — think vaguely mid-century modern with an added emphasis on comfort. We love to work with transitional style design because it allows for more freedom of expression and personal taste while maintaining a clean, classic look.

Make It Yours

The best thing about current interior design trends is that they allow for individual personalization and actively encourage it. The neutral base provided by leather and transitional style furniture means more freedom to accent your space with your favorite colors, prints, art, or sentimental items. Above all, you should always center your interior design plans around what you like—and these furniture trends make it easy.

Getting Started

At Kate Hartman Interiors, we’re here to help you keep up with current trends while making your home feel like yours. Check out our list of services, or contact us today to get started.