At Kate Hartman Interiors, an interior designer in Denver, we work diligently with our clients to ensure that their interior design is everything they’ve dreamed of and more. Whether you have a residential or commercial property, we provide full-service interior design and support to our clients. The first step of this process is the initial consultation, but how is that different from the first working session? Read on to learn more about our process.

The Difference Between The First Consultation And The First Working Session Of Interior Design

Your first step to working with Kate Hartman Interiors is to fill out our Questionnaire online. In addition to telling us basic information such as your name, address, and desired project completion date, you will let us know where on the property we can help (i.e. the entire home or just the kitchen, living room, patio, etc), what your interior style is, and few other questions to help us get a sense of your lifestyle, personal style, and project needs. You’ll submit your application and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible! Then, we’ll schedule your first consultation.

The First Consultation

This initial meeting is for us to listen to your concerns and goals for the space. We’ll discuss how you would like to use it, what your lifestyle is like, and what your vision for the space is. We’ll take a tour of the space, ask questions about what you do and do not like that is currently in the space, and brainstorm some ideas.

This is the time for you to be completely open and honest about your ideas, goals, and budget. Just because your initial vision might not be feasible within your budget doesn’t mean that we cannot collaborate on a design that excites you.

We’ll discuss layout, materials, architecture, furniture, lighting, art, and other elements. We’ll talk through the possibilities and impossibilities so that you have a better understanding of how we can transform your space. We may show you some examples from our portfolio, but the actual selections will wait until the design phase.

Your consultation fee covers the initial consultation, budgeting, and follow-up meeting. This is the time to plan and get our ideas in line so that your space is optimized for your lifestyle and within your budget. We are incredibly talented at creating spaces that impress our clients at all budget ranges.

The First Working Session

Once the initial phases are completed, we move to the design phase. While the consultation phase is mainly brainstorming and getting an idea of budget and design, the design phase is where actions are made. We create a complete interior design plan that includes fixtures and finishes, colors, and accessories. By making these decisions early on, our clients get transparent and realistic communication from the beginning of the process to the end of it. We pay incredible attention to detail throughout the process so that each step is clear and concise for our crews and clients. We never cut corners. We’ll finalize this plan and get to work!

 Where the consultation is a flat fee, our design phase moves to an hourly rate. This includes the time it takes to design and facilitate all the pieces from start to finish and pay for furnishings. You will be given the number of hours we anticipate that will be needed for each space and to complete the design selections so that you can plan your budget accordingly. Our full-service offerings range from furnishings and fixture/finishing selections to construction administration. We work as client advocates when communicating with architects and contractors so that your goals and budget are met while handling any unexpected construction challenges. We’ll keep you from having to deal with the messy and stressful parts of construction.

Get Started On Your Interior Design Project Today With Kate Hartman Interiors

Let us help you with your next interior design project in or around Denver, Colorado. We’ll elevate your space and take care of all the annoying aspects of residential and commercial renovations. We’ll get to know your unique style and find the best way to incorporate beauty, function, and comfort. Get started by filling out our questionnaire online today.

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