A craft room presents a different kind of challenge. You may have some ideas to furnish a living room or kitchen. However, a craft room isn’t always considered for interior design. Kate Hartman Interiors, an interior designer in Denver, has a few ideas for your craft room. 

Craft Room Interior Design Ideas

The role of a craft room is solely up to you. You may have it for sewing or art. Its purpose is to allow you to nurture your creative craft. A craft room should be serene and accommodating to prompt the mind to work.

Here are some craft room interior design ideas that can help elevate that space from the mundane while also providing additional storage and workspace.

1. High Cabinets

Easy access to materials is a must in a craft room, so it is no surprise that high-wall cabinets are a trending style. These pockets of space give you an unobstructed view of your stock and accessibility with easy reach. 

2. Island Workstation

Another top commodity for many craft rooms this year is the island workstation which places the workplace away from the walls. Because it sits in the center, the island worktop gives you more space around the station while putting you in proximity to all your tools and materials. Apart from easy access, an island workstation grants you extra workspace and storage for your possessions.

3. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are an ingenious creation that gives the illusion of an invisible mounting. Not only do they fit in perfectly with a creative room, but they also elevate your spacing and organization while reducing clutter. They are unique, affordable, and customizable while saving space. Also, floating shelves are perfect for neatly displaying finished and unfinished projects.

Interior Design With Kate Hartman Interiors

A modern craft room should carry space for your imagination to work comfortably, and many 2023 trends play well into a craft room’s design. Opt for high cabinets, accent walls, island workstations, and floating shelves to improve your craft room design. Whether you use the space simply for fun or have a crafting business, these additions can elevate your workspace and enhance your workflow. 

To tie your newly designed craft room into the rest of your home, contact Kate Hartman Interiors in Denver for a whole-home interior design project. 


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