Interior design styles change often, but some designs are timeless. Kate Hartman Interiors helps clients create a home that looks great now and will still look great in the future. You can grow old in a home that keeps a classic style everyone can enjoy.

Creating Timeless Interior Design 

Decorating with the latest trends can make your home look out-of-date when those trends pass. But this doesn’t mean you have to completely avoid trendy items. You can still use them as accents. The important thing is to build a timeless foundation for your home. If you’re not sure how to do this, you’re in the right spot! The trick is to invest in classic pieces that will form a lasting background for your space.

Get The Most Out Of Your Money 

When it comes to creating a timeless interior design you want to get the most out of your money by investing in quality pieces for your home. The definition of an investment piece is anything made to last. These items can range from:

  1. Couches 
  2. Tables  
  3. Chairs 

There are many options when it comes to selecting an investment piece for your home. Though these pieces may cost a significant amount of money upfront, you will not have to keep buying pieces to keep up with trends. You will end up spending more money that way because trends are ever-changing.  


When you’re on the lookout for those perfect pieces to fill your home, setting up a budget is super important. Imagine you stumble upon an amazing table set that’s just right – you’ll want to grab it before someone else does! Those gems, like a mid-century wooden table with those cool angled legs and smooth, clean lines, aren’t just sitting around waiting. They get snapped up fast! So, it’s a smart move to have your budget sorted out beforehand. That way, when the right piece comes along, you’re all set to make it yours without any hassle.

Keep It In The Family 

When you’re weaving that timeless vibe into your home, heirloom pieces are key. These treasures have stood the test of time, passed down through the ages, and each new owner gives them a fresh spin. And hey, just because something’s an heirloom doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up to suit your style. A lot of these pieces are crafted to last — they’ve got good bones, as they say. 

The Little Details 

Using different structural detailing, also known as millwork,  is another way to create a timeless interior design in your home. Millwork consists of a few structural things such as wainscotting, paneling, doors, and trims. Quality trim work is a small detail that can make a large difference between a classic timeless look and one that isn’t. Detailed crown molding is another detail that can add years of design that will never get old. Millwork not only creates a timeless look, but it also adds elegance and elevation that will last for years to come. 

The Test Of Time 

Trends are fun and popular but there is so much to be said about wanting to create a space that stands the test of time. It is truly a gift when you can stand in the same space twenty to fifty years from now and still love it. A timeless interior design leaves an impression of comfort and elegance. It’s a heartfelt type of interior design that can set the tone for generations to come. Your choice to create a timeless interior design can have a lasting impact, so what are you waiting for? Kate Hartman Interiors has the knowledge and the resources to help you create this for your home. It’s time to make that investment, so contact us today!

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