A family room is the heart of the room. It serves as a place of entertainment, relaxation, and hosting; therefore, it is a dynamic space. While it carries some semblance of a living room, it is less formal but still structured. 

Family Room Interior Design Ideas

Our interior designer in Denver understands the complexity of such a room but welcomes it. If you find your ideas dull and uncreative, try these family room interior design ideas to get you started, and contact Kate Hartman Interiors for complete design renovations.

1. Add Mirrors and Photo Frames to the Walls

Mirrors are brilliant furniture pieces that immediately improve a room. They add sophistication but remain subtle enough to work in almost any area of the home. 

Photography is another option that transforms a bland wall into a captivating one. Pictures of the family bring warmth to the room while brightening it up. 

2. Experiment With Color

Learning to mix and combine dashes of color is another tandem of interior design that can transform a space. Neutrals tend to drown out the friendliness of the room. Bright hues and earthy tones contribute to an inviting atmosphere. They make it family-friendly, safe, and relaxing.

3. Accessorize

A few accessories can shift the personality of a room completely. Vases, plants, and bowls are great additions that add unique texture to bland spaces. Candles, coffee tables and mantel decor, decorative pillows, books, and throws bring additional comfort to the family space. They may be simple pieces, but in the tiny detail lies the homey feeling that the homeowners enjoy.

4. Set up a Book Nook or a Window Seat

The presence of books slows down life, so what better way to upgrade a family room than with a book nook? Nooks are not a new home addition, but they are growing in popularity with modern designs. A window seat is another lovely addition for young homeowners who want a small, comfortable space. 

Family Room Design With Kate Hartman Interiors

There are no limits to interior design ideas for a family room. Find unique ways of expressing warmth, comfort, and relaxation through accessories and color. Explore reading nooks and window seats, which provide intimacy to the room.

Kate Hartman Interiors in Denver creates stunning family rooms to bring comfort and style together. Contact us today to get started with your interior design project!


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