A guest house is a great way to provide friends and family with a hospitable experience. Unlike a guest suite, a guest house provides both you and your guests with privacy. There are a wealth of styles to decorate in. Since it is so separate from the main house, you can even have fun experimenting with styles you don’t want in your home.

Guest House Interior Design Ideas

With a proper space for your guests to stay, especially if they are staying for longer than a couple of nights, hosting can be enjoyable for both parties. If you are considering sprucing up your guest house or even building one from scratch, we have three ideas that will help you get started.

1. Make it Inviting

Regardless of what style you choose, you want the house to be cozy and inviting to your guests. Visiting you is almost like a little getaway for them. Add a cozy carpet under the bed, decorate with fresh flowers, and place candles in each room. If you have an entertainment system for them to use, they may find it helpful if you provide a printout of instructions for them to reference if necessary. Include personal touches like art, books, and movies that make the space feel homey.

Provide them with extra towels, linens, toiletries, blankets, and fresh fruit to elevate their experience. Layer lighting with windows, bedside lamps, and LED reading lights. That way, regardless of what your guest is in the mood for, they can enjoy various options depending on their mood.

2. Provide Outside Seating

Giving your guests a way to connect with nature is a great way to show off your backyard. If you have a garden or a pool, guests can enjoy the view as they lounge outdoors. Keep outdoor seating comfortable and shaded. Pick weatherproof cushioned furniture. They can read or nap while getting some fresh air and much-welcomed vitamin D. A proper shade will keep them from getting too hot in the summer and allow longer times outdoors.

3. Get Creative

Since this house is separated from the main building and guests will only be staying for a relatively short period, get creative with your design. A guest house is a mini home and a great way to experiment with what you like that might be too much to live with every day. If you like the idea of a style but don’t want to do your entire house that way, then try it in the guest house. Pick a fun wallpaper, vintage furniture, or eclectic art and try it out. This is a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and create a mini boutique home.

Guest House Interior Designer in Denver

If you are ready to create a getaway spot for your guests, then fill out our design questionnaire. Kate Hartman Interiors believes that comfort and beauty work together to create a space that is cohesive and welcoming. Then we can discuss a plan that will benefit your hosting needs and lifestyle.

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