Having a separate space for your office work at home helps draw away distractions, be it your physical office or remote job. Apart from office work, kids also need a quiet space to do their homework or use the computer for research. 

As an interior designer in Denver, Kate Hartman Interiors not only focuses on kitchens and living rooms — we create designs that fit the whole home. Keep reading to get an idea for your office space and how to start your interior design project with us.

Home Office Interior Design Ideas

No matter what type of work the space is used for, a specifically curated interior design style will help to tie it into the rest of your home, all while improving the beauty and comfort of the room. 

1. Create a Coffee Spot

If you create a secret coffee spot in your home office, you will not need to go to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee. You can set all your essentials on the shelves. Moreover, you can use a cabinet to hide them when not in use. If your home allows it, you may be able to create a butler’s pantry in a spare closet or just outside your office.

2. Choose to Be a Minimalist 

Many successful people prefer to live a minimalist lifestyle. You can go with a tidy, small space paired with simple yet attractive furnishings. Fewer items also help aid in fewer distractions, especially in a space meant for focus and work.

3. Opt for Floor to Ceiling Shelving

Make use of every inch of your home office by installing floor-to-ceiling shelves on every wall. These elongated shelves are great in terms of both display and storage. Organization is vital if you want to avoid messy spaces. If you’ve ever dreamed of having a home library, this is the space to do it.

4. Consider the Type of Desk

If you have a small office space or just a wall in your bedroom, a ladder desk or something similar may be your best option. In addition to being a space saver, you can also employ it as a decor piece. If your office is larger and the desk should be in the center of the room, look for something more ornate or decorative to act as an interior design focal point.

5. Create a Calming Ambience

Opt for glass doors and windows to let the natural light enter the space and make it appear bigger. If your office space has no windows, you can paint the walls in lighter shades and set heavy drapes. Don’t forget to introduce some indoor potted plants as well. 

Home Office Design With Kate Hartman Interiors

A home office doesn’t only provide you with a peaceful space to work but also lets you unveil your favorite design components. Whether you go with gold-colored lighting fixtures, lighter walls, wooden floors, or even greenery, the possibilities are endless.

To tie your home office design in with the rest of your home, contact Kate Hartman Interiors in Denver to get your project started. We offer an online questionnaire to help determine your interior design style and needs.

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