Luxury might not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering the pillows on your bed; you might only think about fluffing and rearranging them post a good night’s sleep. However, there’s more complexity to arranging bed pillows than meets the eye. If you’ve ever wondered about the correct order of your throw pillows to achieve a luxurious feel, you’re in luck. Kate Hartman Interiors is here to guide you through the intricacies of pillow arrangement on your bed, teaching best practices to elevate your space and imbue a sense of luxury.

How To Arrange Pillows On A Bed For A Luxurious Feel

First, how you arrange pillows on your bed depends on your personal style, bedding choice, and the pillows themselves. Outside of the bedding and the bed itself, pillows are one of the best ways to personalize your room and show off your personal style. There is no limit when it comes to style, everyone’s style is so different that’s the beauty of design. You can go for a clean all-white look or you could use a throw pillow or sham to add color that catches your eye. No matter your style preference the ultimate goal is balance. Finding this balance might take some trial and error, but don’t get discouraged. Even the best designers have to go through trial and error to find the combination and balance that best suits the style. 

Clean and Crisp

It’s simple to pull off this look, anyone can do it and it can be very cost-efficient. Not everyone wants extra throw pillows or extra things on their bed, there are some who just want a clean and crisp look. You can achieve this by setting two sleeping pillows side by side at the head of the bed. Cover the pillows with a bed cover of your choice. There are many simple and clean options such as: 

  1. Linen Bed Cover
  2. Blanket Cover 
  3. Quilt Cover 

Once you cover the bed you should tuck it in slightly at the bottom seam of the pillow. This will give you the nice crispy hotel look that takes your room to a new level of elegance. 

Simply Prop The Pillows 

Placing one layer of sleeping pillows side by side is not the only way you can achieve an elevated simple look. You can also stack pillows to add some fun while still keeping it clean and crisp. You can achieve this look by setting two sleeping pillows side by side at the head of the bed; then you stack two more sleeping pillows on top of those. You should have a total of four pillows stacked in sets of two. Then take a lumbar pillow in front of each set, making for a total of two lumbar pillows- one being stacked in front of each set. This look helps you achieve a simple look that’s filled with texture.

Layers on Layers on Layers 

There is a way to achieve dimension with your pillow arrangement without using a bunch of different colors. This can be done by using contrasting textures. Boucle is a sophisticated example of texture. Boucle is a looped yarn or the resulting fabric woven from this yarn. The yarn is made from a length of loops of consistent size. Sizes can range anywhere from tiny circles to large curls. You can create a luxurious arrangement by taking two sleeping pillows and propping them up against the headboard. Then layer two textured lumbar pillows in front of them. This arrangement looks especially elegant with an all-white, all-black color pallet or other neutral colors.   

Pillows in the Middle  

There is more than one way to layer. There is layering with textured pillows, however, you are also able to layer and arrange your pillows to create a center focus. This does require more pillows than the other examples and is geared for those who like to feel as though they are sleeping surrounded by a cloud. You start with setting not two, but four sleeping pillows flat at the head of the bed. Position two throw pillows in front. You can start with a size of twenty-six inches. Then you will take one smaller throw pillow and set it in between the other two larger throw pillows. If you go with the size of twenty-six for the larger, then your smaller pillow will need to be twenty-four inches. Sizes will vary depending on personal preference and the size of the bed. This arrangement created a focus point, which will draw eyes to the center of the bed for a more fully layered arrangement. 

Luxurious Pillow Arrangements 

Rest is something that we all need and creating a comfortable and welcoming bedroom environment can play a part in our quality of sleep. Pillows play a large role, afterall we want to be comfortable where we rest our heads. When trying to achieve a luxury sleeping environment the arrangement of the pillows can elevate the overall look of the bed. Everyone’s style is different so it will take some trial and error but this is normal. Kate Hartman Interiors can guide you on the journey to not only creating a comfortable bed but a luxurious bed. What are you waiting for? Get the sleep you deserve in the comfort and luxury you desire.   

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