It’s always refreshing to have something new; especially when it comes to either buying a new home or deciding to remodel your current home. Starting with something fresh can symbolize a new beginning or a change. When it comes to your home, outside of furniture and decor choosing the right paint color can be a challenge. It seems like it would be easy but choosing the best paint color for your home takes skill. This happens to be a skill and expertise that Kate Hartman Interiors has. Let us guide you through the process of choosing the best and most appropriate paint color for your home that will not only bring everything together but have you loving your home and its design for years to come. 

How To Choose Paint Colors For Your Entire Home 

Choosing the right paint color for your entire home can be tricky. You must take location and environment into consideration, for example: you wouldn’t want to go with a darker color scheme when you live in Florida surrounded by water, sun, and sand. While technically you can do whatever you want and choose the colors you want but there are some that are more appropriate for certain environments. Another option is to take into consideration current home materials, such as: 

  1. Cabinets 
  2. Countertops 
  3. Floors  

Considering things like this can make a world of difference when trying to decide on paint colors for your home. If you have an older-style home with columns and wooden cabinets you may want to go with neutral color tones. This allows you to stay true to the style of the home and create cohesiveness. 

Shades You Love 

The one thing you can do is amplify the color that you love. If you already have a color in your home that you absolutely love then you can make that color stand out even more. You should pick colors that have the same undertone as the color that you already love. Not only will it maintain cohesiveness but it will look intentional and flow together seamlessly. There are so many color options out there, that this will not be hard to do. Sometimes it may take the mixing of a couple of colors to get the final color that you will need to use.  

Tone Matters 

When it comes to deciding on a paint color for your home you should decide whether you want to go with warm tones or cool tones. Once you decide on the tone you want to go with, stick with it! Some may think it’s okay to mix the two but ultimately it will look very jarring to the eye and will not mix well. The environment, trim color, and house structure can all play a part in deciding on the tone. As mentioned earlier, once you set your tone, stick with it. Don’t let yourself go down the rabbit hole of mixing tones. Warm and cool tones consist of: 

  1. Red- warm  
  2. Yellow- warm 
  3. Orange- warm 
  4. Green- cool 
  5. Blue- cool
  6. Purple- cool 
  7. Neutrals- cool/warm 

The Neutral Advantage 

Neutral colors are a dream because they are so versatile. This is helpful when deciding on a color for your entire home. The wonderful thing about neutral colors is that they can both be warm and cool depending on the undertones they have. Black and white are the only neutral colors that distinctly fall under warm or cool. You can use colors like gray, beige, and taupe and if they have a yellow undertone they can be used as warm. Now you can take these same colors and have a blue undertone and they can be used as cool. Any of these colors and their undertones can elevate your home to achieve the look that you want. 

Layers Of Colors 

You do not have to feel like you must be tied down to one color. Layering colors in your home is a good option, especially for those who cannot decide on just one color. Once you decide on the main color you can take complementary colors that are a few shades darker or lighter and use them in the other rooms. This will make the connection of colors from room to room look intentional and like they have a specific flow. This is also a good way to give your home variety; every room does not have to look the same. 

The Perfect Color For Your Home 

Interior Design can be a difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be. If you are looking to find the perfect paint color for your home there are a few things you can consider such as whether you want cool or warm colors, if you want more than one color in your home, and the overall environment or area your home is in. However you can leave all of this to the experts at Kate Hartman Interiors. We will consider all of these things plus more. Ultimately we can help you find paint colors for your home that you will love. Contact Kate Hartman Interiors today!  

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