Though it may be cold and snowy now, in a few short months we will be swinging into Spring and Summer. It’s amazing how fast time can fly. With that in mind, it will soon be time to switch around your interior decor to match the season. Some of you may have extra add-ons to your space like a guest house or a pool house. Maybe your pool house serves as a guest house as well, either way, your pool house is more than just a space to relax during your time in the water and sun. It is literally part of your main home and you will want to have everything set for summer. Kate Hartman Interiors can tell you exactly what to do in order to elevate your pool house’s interior decor for the summer season. 

How To Decorate Your Pool House For The Summer 

When it comes to decor one of the first things you want to think about is what is the specific functionality you are aiming for with your pool house. A pool house can really be what you want. As stated above pool houses can serve as a guest house or it can serve as your own personal getaway. Decor goes a long way when it comes to defining what you will be using your pool house for. 

Brighter is Better 

Summer means fun in the sun! When decorating your pool house for the summer season, depending on the look you are going for, you will want to use warm colors. When most people think of warm colors they automatically jump to yellow, red, and orange. However, when going for a warm color scheme in a neutral pallet you should aim for colors like beige, gold, and tan. These colors are not only beautiful but they will bring the summer warmth to your pool house without being overbearing. The warm neutral color pallet represents sophistication at its best. 

Wine and Dine 

You should consider brightening up your pool house with your dining set as well. You can mix and match when it comes to dining in your pool house. For example, you can use a solid-colored table runner or tablecloth while using plates and cups that have patterns. On the other hand, you can use a patterned table runner, table cloth, or placemats with a stand-out color dining set. When you are done eating, if you have a bar area of your pool house you can also replace those glasses with bright-colored glassware and take it to the poolside. 

It’s All About The Artistry  

When considering Summer season decor for your pool house, you should consider artwork. It can be easy to rotate the artwork on the walls for the different seasons. You can buy canvas or framed artwork that can be hung with nails and switched out easily. There are so many diverse artists that have artwork that will take the walls of your pool house to the next level of sophistication for the Summer season. 

  1. “ Dance of the Summer Solstice” by Monica Stewart 
  2. “Summer Afternoon” by Asher B. Durand 
  3. “Igor” by BambashkART 
  4. “Summer Scene” by Claude Monet 
  5. “Savoring Summer” by Kadir Nelson 
  6. “Summer Night” by Winslow Homer 

These are just a few examples of diverse wall art.

Green Is The Prime Color Of Summer 

Many colors can represent Summer but there is something about adding greenery to your decor during the summer season that really elevates your space. It’s like bringing a little bit of the outdoors to your interior space. The best thing about adding greenery to your space is the use of vases. Vases can be incorporated anywhere in your pool house; bathrooms, bedrooms, gathering areas, and dining areas. With a wide variety of shapes and sizes, you are sure to find an option you will love. For the summer season: 

  1. Wooden vases 
  2. Ceramic vases
  3. Glass vases
  4. Crystal vases

These are all good material options to add that touch of elegance to your pool house for the summer.  

Pool Rules 

A pool house can be a great addition to any home and serve multiple purposes. With so many different options out there, deciding on decor for the Summer can seem like an overwhelming task. The team of experts at Kate Hartman Interiors can help make this a simple task for you. You will have a warm, inviting pool house that will cool you and your guest off for many Summers to come. Contact Kate Hartman Interiors now while it’s still cold so your pool house can be ready for Summer in a few months.  

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