Design style is defined as a harmonious and creative combination of colors, ideas, and architecture that comes together to create a design. One thing about style, in general, is that it is always changing over time. Every different time period has a specific style, as well as every region of the world. Environment plays a large role in style and has impactful influences that people in the area might not realize. Every individual person also has their own style or at least one they strive to achieve. What is your personal design style, and how do you determine what it is? Kate Hartman Interiors has specific expertise in this and can guide you through ways to help you determine what your design style is. 

How To Determine Your Design Style 

There is a system called the Three Word Method that can help when trying to determine what your design style is. This method requires you to come up with or find three words that best describe your current personal style and the style you desire to have. Once you have these three words, apply them to every choice you make when it comes to design. This will not only help keep your space cohesive, but it will keep you from following a design trend that will no longer be trendy in six months. Once you get the Three Word Method down packed, it will become easier and easier to determine your design style and give it a name. 

How To Find The Three Words  

We’ve mentioned the three-word method, but the real question is, how do you even come up with the three words? First, look at things you already have around your home, especially your most cherished pieces, like heirlooms. Do any of these items have anything in common? If so, what words would you use to describe them? Would you use words like antique, bright, sleek, minimalistic, or old-fashioned? Now, this can be used to figure out what your first two words are. When coming up with the third word, what are some things that catch your eye or that serve as an inspiration to you? Websites like Pinterest are good for building inspiration boards. What are the similarities between the things you find inspirational? From this, you will be able to develop your third word. 

Design Style Categories 

Once you have a pretty good idea of the current things you have that catch your eye, the things that are precious to you, the things you find inspirational, and you have come up with your three words, it is time to put them into a category. Settling on a particular category can be challenging, mainly because there are so many categories out there. However, the good news is you do not have to be limited to one. You can have multiple styles combined. That makes your design style even more unique to you. Styles can range from: 

  1. Contemporary 
  2. Bohemian
  3. Modern 
  4. Minimal 
  5. Rustic 
  6. Historic 
  7. Classic 
  8. Midcentury 
  9. Glamorous 
  10. Cottage 

These are just a few of the many that are out there.

Limitless Design Styles  

Though we described the Three Word Method, your unique style may honestly be more than three words. In the world of design, there is no limit, and sometimes, when trying to categorize something, you end up putting a limit on it. You don’t have to live near water to have a coastal design style. You also don’t have to live in the Deep South to have a cottage design style. Even here, living in mountainous Colorado, you can have a minimalist, contemporary, rustic design style. 

Words Have No Limit 

Just as design styles have no limit, neither do your words. As stated above, we have examples of classic descriptive words. Have you ever thought of theatrical as a descriptive word for design? How about athletic or fluid? You could be an authentic sports enthusiast and want that as part of your design style, or you could incorporate athleticism into your design style. One example is you could have a space where you have a mounted bar, with a classic leather mat and baskets to keep any sort of workout equipment. That is a style that many do not consider. Your words do not have to be limited to what you “think” sounds like a typical design word. 

Your Design Style 

In the design world, style is unlimited. Everyone is so different, and that is the beauty of design. No matter what your design style is, it is uniquely yours. The experts at Kate Hartman Interiors can help you determine what your unique style is and guide you through the process of elevating your space to be a space you will love for years to come. So why wait? Let’s determine your design style today! 

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