As the minimalist styles and neutral “resale value” aesthetics in interior design are starting to trend down in popularity, there has been a rise in unique and eclectic styles. Minimalism and neutrals are still definitely in use, but we’re seeing an upward trend of incorporating more personality-forward aesthetics and elements. If you have an older home, preserving its charm is a wonderful way to bring some life and authenticity to your interior design project.

How To Maintain The Charm Of An Old Home

While older homes can feel outdated, they often hold a lot of charm that you can take advantage of. You can update your home to suit your tastes and still maintain the charm that came with the original interior design. By preserving certain aspects of your older home, you’ll also be able to leave room in your budget for updating any electrical work and plumbing, incorporating new accessories, or any issues that may arise. 

If you need an interior designer in the Denver area to help you figure out your next project, then Kate Hartman Interiors is here to help. We’ll work together to make sure you have a plan that caters to your home and needs, but for now, we’ve compiled a list of common strategies to maintain the charm of an old home.

Respect Your Home’s History  

If possible, consider researching your home’s history. You may not find anything interesting, or you could find out some fascinating facts about the past that you’ll want to incorporate into your updates. When you have an old home, you can almost look at it as if you’re restoring a piece of history. While it may not look exactly like it used to, you can respect what it once was and figure out the best way to update it with authentic appreciation and pride. Perhaps old photos or descriptions will inspire you.

Keep Original Wood Floors Intact

If you have wood floors that are in good shape, then try to preserve those at all costs. Wooden floors bring warmth and comfort to a home. They may need to be sanded or oiled, but as long as there’s no serious damage, we highly recommend you keep them. Depending on the type of wood flooring, we can help you figure out how to spruce them up or if they’re beyond saving. Even then, you could probably save money by painting them as long as they aren’t rotten. Preserving and refreshing wooden floors is a budget-friendly way of updating an older home and a unique feature when vinyl flooring is used in a lot of new homes.

Be Mindful of Your Home’s Scale

Depending on when your home was constructed, you could have larger or smaller entranceways, kitchens, and bathrooms. While considering paint colors, and any geometric features like tiles or accessories, be mindful of how your home is spaced out. These elements can be used to strategically make rooms feel bigger or smaller depending on what you want. It’s all about tricking the eye into thinking the scale is different than it actually is. This way you’re incorporating new and updated features into the layout of an older home. you’re working with the home rather than against it.

Accessorize Your Windows and Utilize Light

Light changes more about a home than you might think. Whether it’s more natural light, cool-toned lights, or warm-toned lights, there’s an art to using light to your advantage and creating the atmosphere that you want. Step one is to make sure that your windows are clean. Even if you keep the curtains closed most of the time, dirty windows can ruin the atmosphere and diminish any natural light you try to let in. Many older homes were designed with curtains in mind, so find some that speak to you and merge well with the rest of the home. Between texture, color, and style there are many options to choose from.

At Kate Hartman Interiors, we are experts at finding the perfect light fixtures for your home. No matter what aesthetic you’re looking for, we can find a light fixture that adds your personality to the home. These can be updated versions of old-fashioned lights, antiques, or completely modern.

Use Complementary Hardware

Hardware is a subtle but fun way to update your home. For example, maybe a previous owner used generic door knobs and you want to return to more interesting pieces. There are updated and unique door knobs that are reminiscent of a previous time but still have a modern flair. These little accents can be cost-effective ways of showcasing a home’s history and personality without being outdated or gimmicky.

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