When looking to elevate your space or even just change a few things up, look to Kate Hartman Interiors, a full-service interior design firm in Boulder, CO

Making a few changes from one season to the next can be simple, and we’ve put together a few tips to achieve a cozier home this fall.

How to Create a Cozier Home

Fall is here, and it is such a beautiful time of year in the Boulder, CO area. The leaves change colors and the weather cools down, meaning it’s time to get cozy! 

Simple Ways to Create A Cozier Home

You may take interior design ideas from different places but need help understanding how to create or put together the look you want for your home. That is where interior designers like Kate Hartman Interiors come in. Incorporating these simple things:

    1. Warm Colors Palettes 
    2. Different Textures 
    3. Natural Accents 
    4. Other types of Furniture 
    5. Warm Lighting

It can make all the difference in achieving the cozy look you desire for your home.

Modern Interior Design

Let’s Talk Warm Colors

A warm color palette and adding texture to your home are two ways to cozy things up. When it comes to color, warmer hues can make your home feel more intimate, comfortable, and inviting, which is ideal for creating a cozy home. You could use warm neutral colors like beige or cream. These colors fit well with a variety of styles. However, if these colors aren’t your particular cup of tea, you could use bright warm colors like red, orange, and even yellow. Suppose you don’t prefer neutral or bright warm colors. There are always cool, warm shades such as purple, blue and green in that case—so many different options to fit your taste.

Mixing Textures and Accents 

Adding texture to a room creates visual interest, almost like creating a dance with your eyes. You want your home to look lived in rather than like a showpiece to get that cozy feel. You can create texture by using the following:

    1. Area Rugs
    2. Throw blankets
    3. Pillows

Flowers are considered natural accents. You don’t have to get high-maintenance plants and flowers to create this look. However, if you prefer something you don’t have to put effort into taking care of, you can use authentic wood pieces.

Cozy Up with Furniture and Lighting

Furniture sets can be a great way to cozy up your home. Matching furniture sets, however, can look uniform and make your home look more like a showroom. Mixing and matching your furniture pieces is the best way to achieve that cozy vibe. In addition to rearranging furniture, using warm lighting in your space creates that warm and relaxing tone. Adding warmer light bulbs to your light fixtures is an easy way to achieve this.

Our Interior Design Firm in Boulder, CO

Achieving a cozy home for the fall can be simpler than you may have imagined. Minor adjustments like using a warm color palette, different textures, natural accents, mixing furniture, and warm lighting can make your home feel cozier. As an interior designer in Boulder, CO, Kate Hartman Interiors can help you find the best options for your home so you can have the cozy home you desire for the fall season.

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