Every interior designer knows that the inside of any house speaks to a person’s character. Realtors also understand that a home’s appeal determines a client’s response. Therefore, staging your house is the right way to get clients to visualize themselves living in it. Check out these staging tips from our interior designer in Denver.

How to Stage a Home for Sale

Home staging means making a house presentable and appealing to clients who may potentially buy it. Therefore, use available assets and play with aesthetics to maximize its buying potential.

If a home appears unkempt, it may stay on the market for longer, affecting its pricing. Furthermore, potential homeowners tend to focus on the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and lounging areas. So, focus on these rooms when home staging.

5 Tips For Staging A Home For Sale

1. Clean Your Home

Begin by thoroughly cleaning the home. Clean the floors, walls, surfaces, and windows, remove clutter, and empty trash cans. Spritz the rooms with light and subtle sprays to eliminate odors or use essential oils. It also helps to clear the space of any pets or children. Avoid heavy sprays and candles that can be overpowering and offensive to potential buyers. 

2. Accessorize

Clients need to imagine themselves living in the space that you are selling. Place a few clean appliances in the kitchen to accommodate this vision. Add simple statement pieces in empty spots, like windows, tables, and above mantel pieces. Go for subtle bowls or vases that tie the room together without pulling focus from the rest of the room.

3. Depersonalize The Rooms

Remove any personal photographs, refrigerator art, and clothing from any spaces. Keep bathroom counters clear of personal hygiene items, as well. The rooms should be simple yet inviting, with a few neutral accessories to give them warmth.

4. Increase The Lighting

Take advantage of the daytime by opening draperies, shades, windows, and doors to let as much light and air in with additional lamps in dark corners. Light makes a home accommodating. 

5. Rearrange The Furniture

Reorganize your best furniture to maximize the room’s space and encourage more air circulation. Also, upgrade the walls and carpets if it is within your budget. Unkempt floors do not create a welcoming environment for buyers. It often helps to have a second pair of eyes when rearranging to see potential layouts you may not have considered. 

Interior Design With Kate Hartman Interiors

Home staging maximizes the attractiveness of your property. Give your home a thorough clean, rearrange the furniture, and accessorize prudently. Additionally, maximize natural light and space to make them appear more spacious. 

If you’ve recently bought a new home in the Denver area and are looking for some renovations and interior design, contact Kate Hartman Interiors today!

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