The world of interior design is vast and multi-dimensional. At its heart, however, are some timeless principles that contribute to creating spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Among these principles, scale, balance, and harmony stand out as pillars that hold the design together. Kate Hartman Interiors, a luxury interior design firm based in Denver, delves into the intricacies of these concepts and offers insights on seamlessly incorporating them into your home decor.

Incorporating Scale, Balance, And Harmony Into Interior Design  

When embarking on an interior design journey, many focus primarily on color, style, and the overarching ambiance of the room. Yet, it’s essential to revisit the foundational elements of design: space, line, form, color, and texture. Design principles revolve around the application of these elements in tandem with concepts like balance, proportion, rhythm, and scale. When harmoniously combined, they bestow a sense of unity and harmony upon a room.

Balance In Interior Design

Balance refers to the visual equilibrium of the room. Going back to our basic elements of design- line, form, color, and texture, all help determine an object’s visual weight which is how much space objects take up within a room. To maintain balance, try distributing various objects throughout the room. Formal balance refers to symmetrical balance, which is essentially a mirrored effect: two of the same nightstands on each side of the bed. Informal balance uses different objects of similar visual height and weight to create a sense of equilibrium: a tall vase of flowers on one side of the buffet and tall candlesticks on the other. Achieving balance is essential for creating harmonious interior design. Radial balance refers to the balance of items within a circle, like chairs around a circular table.

Scale In Interior Design

Scale relates the size of an object compared to the space it is located in. Scale can apply to the decorative pieces in a room as well as the permanent fixtures- doors, windows, and moldings. Scale differs from proportion which examines how the elements within an object relate to the object as a whole. Scale plays a crucial role in determining how the elements in a room interact to establish or disrupt balance. If something feels off when occupying the space, it may be worth looking at the scale. 

Take a room with high ceilings, for example. You add in dramatic, large draperies for the tall windows and make use of some low, short furniture you already have. Without anything in between, the room may appear visually imbalanced. Adding in some artwork in the blank middle spaces may help create that equilibrium. 

Harmony In Interior Design

Harmony at its core means consistent, orderly, and congruity. In interior design, the element of harmony means seeing how each element in the space plays a part in the transition from one space or room to the next. Unity and harmony work hand-in-hand when all of the elements in a room complement one another. A well-designed room will be unified and whole which gives a sense of order.

Harmony is achieved when colors, textures, shapes, and certain elements are repeated throughout a home. Consider how metallic fixtures on a dresser could match or compliment a framed piece of artwork. The colors from the artwork could then match the fabric on a colored chair with complimenting throw pillows. One or two pieces could kickstart the feeling of harmony in a room.

Getting Creative With Interior Design

While these elements of interior design are the backbone of every designer’s inspiration, they are meant to serve as a guide. Take creative freedom when decorating your space! Adding in personalization throughout the way is the way to truly make your house a home and a space your family will want to be in. 

If a room is feeling off-balanced or not unified, don’t get overwhelmed! Consider starting small and swapping out one or two small pieces before making a big-ticket decision. You may find that the small items do make a big difference! 

Achieve A Harmonious Home With Kate Hartman Interiors

When you need assistance in achieving that fully unified and harmonious environment in your Denver, Colorado home, give Kate Hartman Interiors a call. Our unique budget-first mindset means full transparency in your project. Whether it’s a refresh of your current home or making a new construction house feel like home, our talented team is here to help. Reach out to us online today to get the process started. 


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