It’s that time of year again where the weather cools down and leaves change and fall off trees as we head into the holiday season. This is a nice change now that we have made it through what seems to be the hottest summer on record. With the season change that has begun it’s time to pull out those logs and dust off the fireplaces as the weather cools down. There is nothing better than sitting by the fireplace on a cold snowy night. You might be thinking where should I store the logs without being in the way or being a visual distraction in my space? Kate Hartman Interiors has the answer and can guide you on how to store your fireplace with sophistication.  

Indoor Firewood Storage Perfect Enough To Be Decor  

Fireplaces might seem like a simple add on to your home but they bring a high level of elegance, and have the ability to completely transform your space. The fire alone adds warmth, but the cracking of the logs adds a unique comfort. It can be hard to bring in fresh firewood after each use, the process can be simplified by collecting firewood all at once and storing it for at least a couple of cold evenings. There are some fireplaces that come with a niche that you can store firewood in. If not then getting an indoor firewood holder is essential, and it saves you from having to go out in the cold to bring wood in everytime. 

Decisions, Decisions

Before you can go into the store to buy an indoor fireplace holder, you must decide what type of holder you are looking for. Do you need something that is portable or stationary? You must also decide what would blend the best with your fireplace. Then the next decision is you must decide the style you are looking for. Are you wanting country and rustic or sleek modern and contemporary. If the interior of your home is more classic that is best complemented by ornate designs while modern interiors work best with shiny metals.     

Choosing the Materials 

When it comes to choosing material, outside of the style of the holder this is one of the most important aspects of picking an indoor fireplace holder. The material can play a role in how durable the holder is and whether or not it can be easily transported. Also when it comes to choosing material, the right one can even determine the longevity of the fireplace holder. Do you want something just for this season or do you want something that will last for years to come and could even serve as a family heirloom to be passed down from one generation to another. 

Firewood Holder Durability 

We know that when choosing different types of materials, that it can have a heavy influence on the functionality of a fireplace holder. Holders made of Wrought Iron or Brass not only complement an open fireplace but they are durable and reliable. A firewood holder made of these materials will serve for a lifetime; they also stand the test of time. Though these are beautiful and strong they do not work well for transporting if you are looking for something more portable. They can be very heavy making them hard to transport from one place to another. However these specific fireplace holders stand strong and can hold a substantial amount of logs.   

Buckets of Wood 

Baskets are also another great choice to use as firewood storage. They will not only serve the purpose of holding the wood but baskets make excellent decor accent pieces. You can choose a basket that is:

  1. Vintage 
  2. Modern/ Contemporary  
  3. Rustic/ Farmhouse 

When you go on your search there is something about a vintage bucket that adds a special charm to the fireplace. You can either use an old bucket you already have or go on a hunt to the flea market to find one. You want to pay attention to the volume of the bucket to make sure it can accommodate all of the wood you would like to store. The good thing about buckets is they are not only beautiful and practical but they are easily transported if you are looking for an option that is portable. Buckets also come in many metal options that will add sleekness to your fireplace area and no one would even think that bucket is just for storing firewood. 

Beauty In the Winter 

When looking to elevate the fireplace space in your home there are many options. What it really comes down to is what you want and the style you want to show. Storing firewood does not have to be visually taxing, it can actually add sophistication and class, it will blend right in and look like decor. Let Kate Hartman Interiors guide you on your journey to elevating your firewood storage for this cold winter season.

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