At Kate Hartman Interiors we’re excited to share a selection of our top interior design projects from the past year. These spaces represent our creativity and practicality in meeting our clients’ needs. From inviting living rooms to functional kitchens, our designs cover various styles. 

Our Favorite Interior Design Photos From 2023

Join us in exploring our favorite interior designs of 2023, showcasing the artistry and passion behind Kate Hartman Interiors.

Powder Room








One of our favorite interior design projects this year was a challenging but rewarding transformation. The existing space was incredibly tight, and the first thing you saw upon entering was the toilet, which was far from ideal. So, we decided to swap the positions of the toilet and the sink. We opted for a floating marble sink to make the most of the limited space, allowing us to customize it and make it as small as possible. The Phylrich faucet in a satin brass finish added a touch of elegance and brightness to the design. For the wallpaper, we chose a moire pattern with just the right amount of variation to add depth without overwhelming the small space. To break away from the room’s squareness, we went for an asymmetrical mirror, adding curves and a touch of whimsy. It was all about attention to detail and creative solutions, turning this tight space into a stylish and functional oasis.








One of our most cherished interior design projects this year was a stunning renovation that embodied the quintessential Colorado style, characterized by angular aesthetics. The kitchen, in particular, caught our attention. The original kitchen had an outdated island set at an angle, but we transformed it into a modern marvel. We created a pantry wall on the right, seamlessly blending it with the cabinetry, giving the impression of a built-in unit. The island was revamped, no longer on an angle, providing a spacious and functional central hub for the family. To add a touch of brightness, we incorporated a subtle brass detail along the top of the hood. The choice of bar stools and the vintage antique rug peeking out from behind the island added texture and character to the space. Instead of opting for traditional bright white cabinetry, we chose a warmer tone that beautifully contrasted the white walls. The pendants featured a subtle gold interior that echoed the brass accents, and a large slab backsplash maintained a sleek and cohesive look. The cabinet profile, known as a “slim shaker,” added a modern twist to the design while still paying homage to traditional aesthetics. This project was a testament to our commitment to creating functional, aesthetically pleasing spaces that reflect the unique tastes and lifestyles of our clients.

Living Room








What we particularly adore about this project is the perfectly scaled sconces on either side of the TV. They add a touch of elegance and intentionality to the TV wall, making it feel less like a stark screen and more like a deliberate design element. The dark console, with its reeded front, strikes a balance between feminine and masculine aesthetics. Its dark color lends a masculine touch, while the detailing adds a feminine charm. This contrast helps anchor the TV against the backdrop of white walls. To further enhance the design, we introduced natural elements, creating a harmonious blend of styles and textures.









In the bedroom of this loft project, we faced the challenge of creating a space that was neither overly masculine nor too feminine for our male client. With soaring high ceilings, we opted for a four-poster bed to emphasize the vertical space. The bed was chosen in a rich, dark color to provide contrast against the predominantly white walls. To maintain practicality, as the space doubles as an Airbnb, we kept the bedding predominantly white for easy cleaning, adding a brightening bolster pillow with a hint of blue to tie into the overall color scheme of blue, black, brown, and white throughout the loft. Above the bed, we installed asymmetrical mirrors to capture natural light and create interest. The addition of quirky artwork and blue bedside table lamps added character and a touch of color without overwhelming the space, resulting in a balanced and inviting bedroom.

Sitting Room








Designing this room was an absolute delight. The walls were already painted in a moody dark color, but the challenge was to infuse warmth and coziness while achieving a parlor-like atmosphere. To achieve this, we commissioned a striking Craig Green painting that struck the perfect balance between moody and colorful. It added richness and brightness to the room, breaking up the monotony of the dark walls. The cranberry-colored lounge chairs, with their curved backs, added a touch of femininity to the otherwise masculine ambiance. We anchored the space with a Noir coffee table in a rich tone, creating a focal point in the center of the room. The choice of an overhead light from our interior collection not only complemented the painting but also added an artistic element to the room. It was a perfect blend of colors, textures, and shapes that transformed the space into a cozy and inviting parlor.

Dining Room








In this project, we faced the challenge of transforming a builder home with predominantly white walls into a warm and inviting space for our downsizing clients. The client had a traditional dining room table and chairs that she cherished and wanted to keep. To update the look and infuse some brightness, we incorporated her love for blue and white. We introduced a captivating piece of modern art by Sheyda Mehrara that added a touch of abstract brightness to the space. To complement her traditional dining set, we included head chairs to provide a modern update. We also reupholstered the other chairs and added patterned drapery to bring more fabric and blue tones to the room, especially considering the ample bay windows. The final touch was adding patterned pillows to give the space a bit more character while preserving the beloved traditional dining room table.

See You Next Year!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the glimpse into our work. These projects illustrate our dedication to crafting beautiful and practical spaces tailored to our clients’ individual preferences. We look forward to creating more inspiring designs in the future, and we appreciate your interest in Kate Hartman Interiors. Reach out to us today if you’d like to discuss transforming your space!

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