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Kate Hartman Interiors provides full-service interior design to residential and commercial clients in Chautauqua, Colorado. These services include complete and partial furnishings and construction administration so that clients feel supported throughout their entire interior design project. Kate Hartman Interiors specializes in creating harmonious spaces that blend beauty and comfort.

Who is Kate Hartman Interiors?

Kate Hartman Interiors is owned and led by Kate Hartman. As Owner and Lead Designer, Kate Hartman uses her engineering background and love for the luxurious to merge function, beauty, and warmth into each of her projects. She moved to Colorado in 2021 from Alabama with her husband and son. With the unique ability to consider logical processes and order in the creative process, she has created a design firm that is both logical and inventive. She has designed her own home and before creating Kate Hartman Interiors she used to run a furnishing store called Chickadee. She has participated in various interior design partnerships such as the one between Chickadee Interiors and Hartman Neely Interiors.

Alongside Kate is Design Associate Molly Gause. She contributes a wonderful sense of style and a kind personality to each project. She has a great eye for detail so that nothing is overlooked.

Chautauqua Interior Design With Kate Hartman Interiors

At Kate Hartman Interiors we strive to exceed our client’s expectations by staying in constant contact with them throughout the process. Serving the Chautauqua area, we create an environment that is both beautiful and comfortable in each space. We are a budget-minded firm and stress the importance of clear expectations in all aspects of the project.

Kate Hartman and Molly Gause of Kate Hartman Interiors

We are a full-service interior design firm. These services include:

  • Interior Design
  • Fixture & Finish Selections
  • Detailed Elevations & Room Layouts
  • Full & Partial Home Furnishings
  • Construction Administration

In addition to interior design, we offer construction administration. We work as client advocates and communicate with architects and contractors to make sure our client’s interest is kept in mind. We also handle any unexpected construction challenges with creativity so that the overall design is not compromised.

Reach out to us today to get started on your next project in Chautauqua.

Kate and Molly working on a project

The Kate Hartman Interiors Style

While our style is an eclectic mix of modern interior design and vintage inspiration, Kate Hartman strives to understand every client’s unique style so that their space feels personalized to them. If you have trouble settling on a style or understanding how to merge two cohesively, then Kate Hartman Interiors will help you figure it out. We also love to incorporate sentimental and heirloom pieces so let us know if you have any elements that are special to you and your family.

Elevating Interior Design In Chautauqua, Colorado

At Kate Hartman Interiors, we believe in setting clear expectations. We make sure our clients are aware of what to expect at each step of the process and if there are any issues. We operate under full transparency and a budget-first mindset. We want our Chautauqua clients to fully understand what we do, how we work with them, and what our terms and conditions are from the beginning.

Design Budgeting Expectations

Making a budget and complete interior design plan early on allows us to adjust and meet budget expectations so that clients get the most out of our services. This plan includes fixtures and finishes, colors, and accessories. Through this process, clients will be able to plan an appropriate budget for the completion of the project.

There are three key budgeting aspects to consider:

  1. Furnishings Budget
  2. Detailed Elevations Budget
  3. Furnishings Budget

These details are crucial to creating a project clients are proud of. We refuse to cut corners and consider each detail as important as the next.

Kate Hartman Interior Fees

At Kate Hartman Interiors, we charge a consultation fee for the initial consultation, budgeting, and follow-up meeting. From there, we move to an hourly rate. This pays for the time it takes to design, create, and source all the pieces from beginning to end. There is also an additional payment for furnishings. However, we are upfront and clear about how many hours we anticipate for each space. We want our clients to feel confident and comfortable with the budget they set so we will communicate this early on.

How to Choose An Interior Designer

Every interior design firm is different, and it may be challenging to know how to choose one. Consider these aspects as you look for one that is compatible with the project.

Firstly, peruse their portfolio to see if their style fits with the project. Every firm has its specialty so make sure it matches the vision. Feel free to view Kate Hartman Interiors’ portfolio. We’ve worked with a variety of clients on projects like pool houses and commercial office spaces.

Secondly, make sure they are within budget. We set up price expectations early so that you know if our services exceed your budget before the process gets too far. Making sure you stay within budget is arguably the most important part of your project.

Thirdly, contact your desired interior designer early. If they are working on other projects, there may be a waitlist. You’ll want to get added as soon as possible so the process isn’t delayed too long. There is a possibility the planning process might get started during the waiting time, but finalization and other services may not occur for quite a while.

Let us know when you’re ready to begin your next project and how we can help.

Let us know how we can help you with your next project.


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