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As a full-service design firm for both residential and commercial clients, Kate Hartman Interiors will help you with all your interior design needs. Whatever your project needs, Kate Hartman Interiors can take care of full and partial furnishings, construction administration, design, and budgeting. Throughout the entire process of your project, you will have access to the unparalleled support and professionalism that Kate Hartman provides.

The Team At Kate Hartman Interiors

In 2021, Kate Hartman moved from Alabama to Boulder, Colorado with her husband and son. She has a background in engineering and a creative mind that helps her combine functionality, beauty, and warmth into any space. She designed her own home and has a history of interior design projects such as running the home furnishings and decorating store Chickadee. She previously participated in interior design partnerships like Chickadee Interiors and Hartman Neely Interiors. As the Owner and Lead Designer, she brings her experience and expertise to her firm Kate Hartman Interiors.

Molly Gause, a Design Associate, joined Kate Hartman at Chickadee Interiors in 2018. She has a sweet personality and a strong eye for creative design that she brings to each project. Her impeccable style and attention to detail improve every process she’s a part of. 

Copper Interior Design With Kate Hartman Interiors

Kate Hartman Interiors is available to serve the Copper, CO community so that residential and commercial spaces receive the care and detail that they deserve. We are experts at combining beautiful designs, warm atmospheres, and functionality. We give our clients detailed budgets, transparent communication throughout the process, and full-service project management.

Kate Hartman and Molly Gause of Kate Hartman Interiors

We offer our Copper, CO clients full-service interior design and construction administration so that they can better manage their expectations for their projects. Our services include:

  •   Fixture & Finish Selections
  •   Interior Designs
  •   Full & Partial Home Furnishings
  •   Detailed Elevations & Room Layouts
  •   Construction Administration

We use our expertise to act as advocates for our clients to the architects and contractors with our Construction Administration service. There is always a possibility of unexpected challenges arising, and we strive to handle these issues with ingenuity so that neither the structure of the space nor our client’s interests are compromised.

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Kate and Molly working on a project

The Kate Hartman Interiors Style In Copper, Colorado

At Kate Hartman Interiors, we work hard to understand our client’s unique style. We often blend modern interior design with vintage elements, creating a welcoming and personable space that resonates with you. If you’re unsure what your style is, we’ll help you settle on something that suits your lifestyle and incorporates your personality. If you have sentimental items, we love figuring out ways to showcase them in a way that is cohesive to your aesthetic.  

Elevating Interior Design in Copper

Kate Hartman Interiors is dedicated to transparent, clear, and consistent communication. You can expect to be completely informed about the project’s progress from beginning to end, including any problems and our suggested solutions. We set ourselves apart by approaching each project with a budget-first mindset and clear process. We’ll give you an outline of what we do, how we do it, how we’ll collaborate as client and designer, and what our terms are before we begin budgeting. Every project is different, so what these include could change depending on the project you’re tackling.

Design Budgeting Expectations

We believe in creating a budget early on. We create a complete interior design plan that can include fixtures & finishes, colors, and accessories early on so that we can adjust decisions to meet budget expectations. This way, clients have a better grasp of where they can splurge and where they need to choose lower-budget items.

 Budgeting is one of the most important steps of our process. It includes three key elements:

  1.     Furnishings Budget
  2.     Fixture & Finish Allowances
  3.     Detailed Elevations Budget

We refuse to cut corners and consider every step of our process deserving of detailed attention. Budgeting sets us up for success so that the rest of the process is clear and concise. 

Kate Hartman Interior Designer Fees

A lot of time goes into completing the initial consultation, creating a design, selecting items and accessories, creating an itemized budget, keeping in constant contact, and much more.

We include a fee, called a consultation fee, for the initial consultation, budgeting, and follow-up meeting. This helps us plan for the design phase. Once we enter the design phase, you pay an hourly rate for our services and an additional payment for any furnishings. These services could be the time it takes to create the design and source all the items. We’ll let you know how many hours we think the space will require to complete the design so that you can plan your budget.

How to Choose An Interior Designer in Copper, Colorado

Every Copper, Colorado interior designer is not like the others. If you want to choose an interior design firm, keep these things in mind.

First, study their previously completed projects. You’ll want to choose one that has a style that is either the same as yours or is at least one you’re interested in. You can view the Kate Hartman Interiors Portfolio to see the style of our past projects. We’ve worked on pool houses, commercial office spaces, and many more.

Second, take a good look at your budget. You’ll want to be realistic about what you can afford. We set budget expectations in the beginning so there are no surprises. Select a designer that suits your aesthetic within your budget.

Third, contact your chosen designer early. If they have a lot of projects going on, you may be put on a waitlist. They may contact you to begin some planning, but finalization may not happen for months.

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