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Kate Hartman Interiors, serving in Edwards, CO, offers comprehensive interior design services for both residential and commercial spaces. Our expertise encompasses everything from complete and partial furnishings to efficient construction administration. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional support to clients at every phase of their interior design projects. Our firm is dedicated to crafting distinctive spaces where the perfect blend of beauty and comfort harmoniously comes to life.

Get To Know Kate Hartman Interiors

Kate Hartman, the Owner and Lead Designer at Kate Hartman Interiors has a rich background that sets her apart. Originally from Alabama, she relocated to Boulder, CO in 2021 with her husband and son. Kate’s unique blend of engineering expertise and a passion for creating luxurious, inviting interiors distinguishes her projects. She is known for bringing a structured approach to creativity, evident in her own home’s design, her role in managing a home furnishings store (Chickadee), and collaborations in interior design partnerships (Chickadee Interiors and Hartman Neely Interiors). Over time, Kate has refined her expertise, focusing on delivering exceptional results with Kate Hartman Interiors.

Joining Kate Hartman in 2018, Molly Gause, our Design Associate, previously worked with Chickadee Interiors. Molly’s exceptional sense of style shines through at Kate Hartman Interiors, where she contributes to the entire design process. Her sweet disposition and a keen eye for detail add a unique and distinguished touch to every project.

Kate Hartman and Molly Gause of Kate Hartman Interiors

Edwards, CO Interior Design With Kate Hartman Interiors

Located in the broader Denver, CO area, Kate Hartman Interiors is dedicated to achieving a balance of beauty and comfort in every project, fostering a welcoming atmosphere. Beyond mere aesthetics, our commitment extends to surpassing client expectations. We achieve this through ongoing communication, detailed budgeting for clear expectations, and comprehensive project management that covers all aspects of the design process.

We offer local, full-service interior design and construction administration to manage clients’ expectations better. Our services include:

  • Interior Design
  • Fixture & Finish Selections
  • Detailed Elevations & Room Layouts
  • Full & Partial Home Furnishings
  • Construction Administration

In addition to offering comprehensive interior design services, our Construction Administration service at Kate Hartman Interiors involves acting as client advocates and facilitating communication with architects and contractors. We understand that unforeseen construction challenges may surface, and our objective is to address these issues creatively while prioritizing the client’s interests, all without compromising the overall design. 

Kate and Molly working on a project

The Kate Hartman Interiors Style

At Kate Hartman Interiors, our approach involves getting acquainted with each client and understanding their personal style. With a diverse blend of modern interior design and vintage inspiration, we aim to be your trusted interior designer in Edwards, CO. Our commitment is to guide you in discovering a style that resonates with you, taking into account any heirloom accessories or sentimental pieces that hold significance within the overall interior design plan.

Elevating Interior Design In Edwards

Kate Hartman Interiors establishes clear expectations, ensuring clients are well-informed and kept in the loop regarding any issues and their corresponding solutions. Our distinctive approach, prioritizing budget considerations from the outset, and maintaining transparency, distinguishes us from other interior design firms in the Edwards, Colorado area. We provide a comprehensive overview of our services, collaborative process, and upfront disclosure of our terms and conditions.

Design Budgeting Expectations

At the outset, we formulate a comprehensive interior design plan encompassing fixtures, finishes, colors, and accessories. Making these decisions early in the process facilitates adjustments to align with budget expectations. This proactive approach prevents clients from becoming attached to out-of-budget items or settling for more affordable alternatives unnecessarily. Additionally, this process aids in effective budget planning to successfully complete your project.

Our detailed planning process consists of three key budgeting aspects.

  1. Fixture & Finish Allowances
  2. Detailed Elevations Budget
  3. Furnishings Budget

Every detail is of equal importance, and we adhere to a clear and concise process when formulating budgets before progressing to the next phase of a project. We ensure that no corners are cut in our approach to meticulous budget development.

Kate Hartman Interior Fees

Considerable time is invested in completing consultations, envisioning designs, selecting items, crafting itemized budgets, maintaining consistent communication, and more. Kate Hartman Interiors incorporates a consultation fee covering the initial consultation, budgeting, and follow-up meeting. As we transition to the design phase, clients are billed at an hourly rate for our services, encompassing the time dedicated to designing and orchestrating all elements from start to finish, in addition to the cost of furnishings. We also provide an estimate of the anticipated hours required for each space’s design selections, aiding clients in effective budget planning.

How To Choose An Interior Designer

Just as no two projects are identical, the same holds true for interior design firms. When selecting an interior designer, consider a few key factors.

First, examine the previous projects they’ve completed. Evaluate whether their design style aligns with yours or is a style you envision for your home. In Edwards, CO, interior designers may showcase modern, luxurious, or farmhouse chic styles.

Explore the Kate Hartman Interiors Portfolio to witness our diverse projects, ranging from pool houses to commercial office spaces, fulfilling clients’ interior design aspirations.

Second, take your budget into account. As mentioned earlier, we establish budget expectations upfront, acknowledging if it aligns with your financial range. It’s crucial to find an interior designer whose style resonates with you and fits within your budget.

Third, when you’re ready to hire an interior designer, initiate contact early and be prepared for the possibility of being placed on a waitlist. Depending on the workload of the interior design firm, there might be a waitlist. During this waiting period, preliminary planning may take place, but the finalization may take a few months.

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