Kitchen interior design combines several facets of creativity, spatial awareness, and science to achieve an aesthetic, accommodating kitchen. An interior designer in Denver like Kate Hartman Interiors can help you achieve your dream kitchen.

Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Here are some kitchen interior design ideas that can help elevate your space. Kate Hartman Interiors incorporates these ideas into projects with layout and elevations as well as fixtures and finishes. 

1. Incorporate Different Materials

Mixing various media can give you a beautiful kitchen on a smaller budget. Marble is one of the best materials in the kitchen, particularly around seating and cooking areas. The beauty of marble’s natural veining is unmatched.  Although it can stain and mark easily, that only adds to the character and patina over time. 

While marble is an attractive material in many household countertops, there is a variety that can present a chic and modern look on a lower budget, like quartz. 

Adding rich wood to your cabinets and floors to compliment the floors and ceiling ties the kitchen together. Experiment with different surface textures to enhance the kitchen’s features, such as the eating area, countertops, and lighting fixtures. 

2. Consider Open-Plan Kitchen Units

Open-plan kitchen designs are a great addition to homes, big or small. They open the house, allowing free movement between rooms, thus accommodating large gatherings. Additionally, they promote a free flow of light and air through the room. Open-plan kitchens may be modern, but you can easily incorporate them into a more traditional kitchen unit. 

Another reason to love open-plan kitchens is that they are more social than traditional kitchens. Because it is open (often towards the lounge or sitting room), you can maintain conversation despite being in different rooms.

3. Install a Handy Kitchen Island

Many modern homeowners are implementing a kitchen island– a stand-alone tabular surface in the middle of the room. It may be for the stove, extra space for food preparation, or an eating area. 

Like the open plan, kitchen islands have a stylish way of directing traffic so that the place is not too crowded. Kitchen islands also accommodate high and low light fixtures that provide a chic, modern appeal to the room. Artificial lighting draws in the ceiling and gives the kitchen more warmth. Kitchen islands are often central, allowing light to fill the room.

Elevate Your Space With Kate Hartman Interiors

If you want to enhance your kitchen, consider different materials that can give it depth and texture. Open planning and islands are chic additions that can transform the room into a classy kitchen. 

Kate Hartman Interiors will work with you to design your new kitchen. We advocate for our clients from start to finish with our Construction Administration service and provide whole-home interior design in the Denver, CO area. Contact us today to get your project started! 

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