As a new year brings change and a fresh start, you may feel restless with your décor and ready to introduce new elements and styles. A few fresh items and your living room can feel like a new world. 

Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Whether you have an endless budget or a minimal one, there are ways you can revamp your living room. With just a few key elements, your guests may think you’ve undergone a significant redesign. Here are a few ideas to help elevate the living room to keep you inspired and relaxed. 

Showcase the Old

Few things add more of a personal touch than older and vintage items. Pull out that old record player or vintage chess board and find a place to display it. A chess board on a bookshelf, surrounded by old books, will bring a dark academic aesthetic to your shelves. A record player in the corner of the sitting area, showcasing a record collection while one plays softly, can create a romantic background for date night. 

Go Green

Nothing adds life to a space like some greenery. If you don’t have any plants, consider getting a fun and quirky tree for a corner, like a fruit tree. They add a pop of color if you want a little more than just green to incorporate into your room. A fresh vase of flowers or orchid arrangement on the coffee table, blooming branches on the mantel, or a bud vase on a stack of books will bring freshness and dynamic visuals. Although real plants help purify the air and provide you with fresh oxygen, don’t stress about having a green thumb. A well-done artificial floral or greenery will get the job done, and you won’t have to worry about them dying. 

Get Creative with Color 

There is an entire world of options here. You can go classic and keep clean neutrals, go more modern and employ vibrant wild colors, or anywhere in between. Don’t be afraid of paint! I love painting an entire room a dark rich color, including all trim and ceilings. Any color used in these spaces will pop against the dark background. Just make sure to include a lot of lighting to keep it from feeling too gloomy. 

If you’ve been rocking the neutrals, consider throwing in some accent colors with decorative throw pillows, wall art, and area rugs. This will give the area some visual intrigue and inspire your creative side. 

Kate Hartman Interiors In Denver, CO

If you feel stuck in your interior design choices or simply don’t have the time to put mental energy into something so time-consuming, our interior designer in Denver would love to help you. At Kate Hartman Interiors, we provide full-service interior design for residential spaces in the Denver, CO community. We believe that beauty and comfort can live in harmony with your lifestyle. Let’s discuss your project and find a way to create the best space for you. 

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