One of the most popular lifestyle concepts in recent years is minimalism. In a world of overconsumption, many have found value in stripping things down to simplistic and basic forms. This philosophy has also cropped up in interior design and gained popularity in recent years. As an interior designer in Denver, Kate Hartman Interiors provides full-service interior design including fixtures and finishes, construction administration, and more. 

Minimalist Interior Design Ideas

This style is all about getting back to the basics and bare essentials. Minimalism utilizes clean lines, uncluttered spaces, simplicity, light, and functionality. Minimalist rooms have reductive design elements to showcase the beauty and true essence of architecture without loud designs distracting from the pieces.

Here are a few concepts to help create a minimalist space that is refreshing and serene in its simplicity.

Functional And Clean

Minimalist design does not rely on loud patterns and highly detailed accessories. The shape and form of both furniture and ornamentation are instead the focus. Furniture is practical and serves a clear purpose. The surfaces are smooth and flat and have a few purposeful decorative pieces. Clutter and knick-knack collections will distract from the clean lines that the furniture creates.

Take some time to clear off counter space and make the furniture have a purpose. For a living room – chairs that are comfortable to sit in, a table for drinks, and a plant to bring oxygen to the air. The point is to only keep what serves a purpose.


Whites, beiges, and greys are trendy in minimalist spaces. Some people like to go truly monochrome with fully white furniture, walls, and select art pieces. However, this can feel intimidating and less homey to some people, so switching up tones and incorporating other neutrals can still work.


Because minimalist spaces are so clean and crisp, they have the danger of coming across cold. You can do a few things to add warmth that relaxes your mind and creates a welcoming vibe for guests.

  1. Add Candles – a literal addition of warmth, a well-placed candle brings life to any environment.
  2. Incorporate shades and textures – use different shades within the color scheme, an accent color, and pair soft textures with hard. For example, a pop of color and putting wood accessories in a concrete bathroom creates visual interest in an otherwise subdued atmosphere.
  3. Combine textiles – hang up linen drapes and place a wool blanket on the couch. Put a rug on a hardwood floor. This softens up a potentially harsh feeling room.

A Clean Space Is A Clean Mind

One of the great benefits of Minimalism is the lack of clutter. Many people get overwhelmed by their possessions. In Minimalism, appreciating the simplicity of life and a decluttered mind is key. Keep your space clean and only display what is necessary. A few well-placed decorations go a long way. Maybe one piece of artwork in the color scheme, a few plants to take care of that helps you distress, and maybe a vase or lamp on a side table.

Try to incorporate as much natural light as you can and add a lamp or two when you can’t. Light can be a decoration in a clean open space.

 Let Us Help You

At Kate Hartman Interiors, we have experience in many different styles. We are here to support you through every phase of a design project with a focus on creating spaces where beauty and comfort exist in harmony. Fill out our client questionnaire and get started today. 


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