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Kate Hartman Interiors is a full-service interior designer in North Boulder, Colorado that provides residential and commercial interior design. The interior design company does anything from full and partial furnishings to construction administration. Kate Harman Interiors strives to provide a high level of support for clients from the beginning to the end of the interior design project. Our North Boulder, Colorado interior design firm aims to produce creative and unique spaces where elegance and comfort can come together in a balanced way. 

Get To Know Kate Hartman Interiors

Kate Hartman is the owner and lead designer of Kate Hartman Interiors. She is a native of Alabama and moved to Boulder, Colorado in 2021 with her family which includes her husband and son. Kate has an education in engineering and a great appreciation for luxurious, modern interior design with an atmosphere that is inviting. She can bring process and structure to creativity. From creatively designing her own house to running a home furnishing and decorating store named Chickadee; along with additional interior design partnerships (Chickadee Interiors and Hartman Neely Interiors), Kate Hartman has stayed true to her knowledge and expertise with Kate Hartman Interiors. 


Design Associate, Molly Gause joined the Kate Hartman Interiors team in 2018 with Chickadee Interiors. Her creativity and trendy sense of style radiate through Kate Hartman Interiors. Facilitating throughout the whole design process, Molly’s pleasant disposition and attention to detail bring an exclusive touch to all projects.

Kate Hartman and Molly Gause of Kate Hartman Interiors

North Boulder Interior Design

The team at Kate Hartman works to create consistency between beauty and comfort for every project and an inviting environment. More than just elegance, we work to go beyond client expectations through unchanging communication by keeping clients in the loop, with detailed budgeting outlines, so clients know what to expect, and all aspects of project management. We offer full-service interior design and construction administration because this has been proven to better manage our clients’ expectations. Our services include the following: 

  1. Construction Administration 
  2. Interior Designs 
  3. Detailed Elevations and Room Layouts 
  4. Full and Partial Home Furnishings 
  5. Fixture and Finish Selections   

Outside of the interior design services, our Construction Administration service has Kate Hartman Interiors serving as the client advocate by communicating with architects and contractors. There are times when unexpected challenges with construction may come up, and our goal is to deal with the issues immediately. While addressing issues quickly we still handle things with creativity and the clients’ interest in mind without compromising the overall design of the project. Let us know how we can help with your next project in North Boulder or Denver Colorado. 

Kate and Molly working on a project

The Kate Hartman Interior Style  

It doesn’t matter whether a project is a blank canvas like a new construction build, a renovation, or a regular furnishing project, Kate Hartman Interiors will work to get to know every client and their individual style. You could say we have a broad spectrum of vintage and modern designs. We can aid in helping the client settle on a style if they aren’t sure which one they would like. We will also consider heirloom accessories and sentimental pieces in a design idea to raise the bar of the uniqueness of the design and help to create that welcoming feel. 

Elevating Interior Design In North Boulder  

From the beginning Kate Hartman Interiors sets expectations. Clients will be immediately notified of any issues and solutions, so they know what to expect during the process. Our budget-first mindset and clear process are what sets us apart from other North Boulder interior designers. There are no two projects that are alike. Everything that we do is outlined upfront: what we do, how we do it, how we will work with you, and what the terms and conditions are before we move forward with any budgeting and planning.  

Budgeting Expectations 

In the beginning, we create and complete an interior design plan that includes fixtures, finishes, colors, and accessories. Making these decisions early in the process allows for adjustments that will meet budget expectations before a client gets their hearts set on something that falls out of the budget range. There could be the opposite where they might end up settling for a low-budget item where they could have gotten something else. This process ultimately allows for budget planning to complete your project. There are three key budgeting aspects that our detailed planning process consists of: 

  1. Fixtures and Finish Allowances 
  2. Detailed Elevations Budget 
  3. Furnishings Budget  

Every single detail is important and we follow a clear process when developing a budget, before moving to the next step in a project. You can rest assured there are no corners cut. 

Interior Designer Fees

There is so much that goes into completing a consultation with Kate Hartman Interiors. We start with visualizing a design, selecting items, creating an itemized budget, keeping consistent communication plus so much more. Our interior design agency includes a consultation fee for the initial consultation, budgeting, and first follow-up meeting. Once we transition into the design phase, our clients pay an hourly rate for services ( the time it takes to do the design and facilitate all of the pieces from start to finish) in addition to paying for the cost of the furnishings. We will also communicate to you how many hours we estimate on the completion of a design for each space, that way you have an idea of the cost so that you can plan your budget more easily. 

How to Choose A North Boulder Interior Designer 

No two North Boulder interior designers are alike just like there are no two projects alike. When you are going through the process of choosing an interior design firm there are a few things that you should keep in mind. 

First – check out a portfolio of previous projects the agency has completed. Decide if their style fits yours or a style that you are interested in. View the Kate Hartman Interiors Portfolio. From ordinary commercial office spaces to a small pool house we have worked with a diverse group of clients to help them reach their interior design dreams. 

Second- know your budget. We set the budget expectations in the beginning so it can be known if it fits within your ideal range. It’s important to search for an interior designer whose style you like but also one that fits within your budget range. 

Third- once you have decided on a designer and are ready to hire, contact them as soon as possible. You should expect to be on a waitlist, however, this depends on how many clients the design firm is already working with at the time. During the time you are on a waitlist, some planning may already begin to take place but finalization may not happen until a few months down the line. 

Kate Hartman Interiors cannot wait to show you all that we have to offer. 

Let us know how we can help you with your next project.


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