Are you ready to upgrade your kitchen? Open-concept kitchens are great for the host that wants to incorporate a welcoming atmosphere into their space. If you are looking for an interior designer in Denver to begin a total redesign or are simply looking to spruce up your kitchen space, consider these five ideas before tearing down or adding walls and making changes.

Open Kitchen Concepts

Wide and open kitchen spaces bring the heart of a home into the spotlight. They are great for entertaining large and small groups and allow for fluidity in your home. You can still socialize with guests in the dining room or living room while you cook, so you won’t feel like you’re missing out on important updates amongst friends and family. Keep these ideas in mind as you begin planning your new kitchen.

Create Zones

Create zones to separate one open space from another. An open kitchen flows into other rooms of your home, so using subtle designs can help each space feel like it serves a proper purpose. A change in ceiling-mounted lighting shows that the dining room is separate from the kitchen. An area rug in the living room or dining room is a visual divider that designates those spaces as different.

Embrace The Outdoors

Allow your kitchen to open into the outdoors. This lets you utilize more of your square footage and can increase the visual space of your home. Big windows that open wide over an indoor-outdoor bar and glass doors leading to an outdoor seating area are unique and sophisticated. This is especially nice if you have a pool or garden to enjoy outside.

Make Your Island Functional

A well-utilized island can make an open kitchen space feel seamless. Rather than just pushing up a few chairs to create a bar sitting area, include cabinets and storage along the base. This also reduces the clutter that walls of cabinets can create. If you can put more storage on the island and remove it from the walls, you create an opportunity for unique designs on your walls that are intriguing and personalized.

Other helpful features for your island include a cooktop, sink, meal prep area, beverage fridge, dishwasher, microwave, etc. Utilizing this space allows for more room around the kitchen for other features. Installing these items into your island creates a clean space that is a necessity for open kitchen concepts.

Add Some Color

Stark, white, clean kitchens are incredibly popular. However, adding pops of color adds warmth to your home. You can carry these color details over into other spaces of the home to create a seamless and cohesive transition throughout your home. If your kitchen opens into the living room, then while you are in there with guests or enjoying your favorite show, it will feel bigger as it ties into the kitchen. A well-designed and intriguing open kitchen can become a type of artistic feature that you can enjoy from the other spaces it opens into.

Create Openness For Small Spaces

Even if your home is sparse in square footage, it can benefit from an open kitchen concept. Removing a wall or two can majorly affect your living space. It can turn a small, cramped area into a larger, brighter space. The same design elements you can use in large kitchens can also be used in smaller rooms. The main difference is that the furniture and décor will need to be smaller and more strategic to keep the space from feeling crowded and overwhelmed.

Get Started with Kate Hartman Interiors

If you feel overwhelmed at the idea of tearing down walls or simply don’t have time to plan the remodel of your dreams, contact Kate Hartman Interiors today.

An interior designer in Denver, CO, Kate Hartman Interiors provides top-notch full-service residential and commercial interior design, from helping with furnishings to managing construction projects. We believe that beauty and comfort can go hand in hand and strives to make that a reality for our clients. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Kate Hartman Interiors with any questions or needs you may have – we are here to help make your interior design dreams a reality.

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