Welcome to a special insight into the design world of Kate Hartman Interiors, an interior designer in Denver, where every detail, from fixtures to finishes, plays a pivotal role in crafting our unique spaces. Join us as we share and explore some of our favorite elements that bring our designs to life. From elegant faucets to statement lighting, each piece is carefully chosen to ensure both beauty and functionality in every project we undertake. Let’s dive into the details that make our designs not just seen, but also felt and experienced.

Our Favorite Fixtures & Finishes 

The right fixtures and finishes transform a space from basic to beautiful. Here, we spotlight some of our top picks from this year, turning ordinary rooms into something truly special:

1. Marble

At Kate Hartman Interiors, marble is a top pick for adding a touch of luxury to kitchens and bathrooms. Some might shy away from this material, worrying about the rings and marks that come with time and use. However, there’s a beauty in how marble ages, each mark telling its own little story. We love this aspect, seeing each imperfection as a reminder of memories made in the space. In a finished home, marble doesn’t have to stay perfect to be utterly beautiful – it evolves, showcasing a rich history with every subtle etch and wear.

2. Brass Leg System

Brass Leg System 1

At Kate Hartman Interiors, brass leg systems on sinks have become a favorite for blending practicality with classic elegance. While the warm, golden tones of brass provide a stylish contrast to sleek sinks, it’s the material’s aging process that truly captivates us. Over time, brass transitions from its initial shine to a rich, mellow patina, each tarnish and mark adding a chapter to the story of the space. This natural aging isn’t seen as a flaw but celebrated as a symbol of memories created and moments shared in the heart of the home.

3. Wallpaper And Hand Painted Walls

At Kate Hartman Interiors, we love using bold walls to make small spaces pop. Whether it’s a powder bathroom or a small entryway, a vibrant wall – through eye-catching wallpaper or hand-paintings – instantly elevates the space, making it unforgettable. These dramatic walls become the focal point, turning even the smallest areas into enchanting experiences for guests and homeowners alike. For us, it’s all about transforming every corner of a home into a vibrant, expressive space that tells a story.

4. Floating Vanity

Floating Vanity 1
Floating Vanity 2

We’re big fans of using floating vanities to make a statement in smaller spaces. These vanities don’t just save space; they also add a modern and custom touch to bathrooms. Because they can be crafted in any size, even a tiny bathroom gets a dose of elegance without losing functionality. The result? A practical, beautiful space that feels bigger and looks uniquely stylish, turning even a modest area into a standout feature of the home.

5. Victoria & Albert Bathtub

At Kate Hartman Interiors, we love to incorporate Victoria & Albert bathtubs into our designs, turning ordinary bathrooms into personal sanctuaries. Known for their stunning blend of traditional and modern styles, these bathtubs are as much a visual treat as they are a luxurious escape. Whether we choose a simple, elegant soaking tub or a bold, sculptural piece, these tubs always serve as the breathtaking centerpiece of our bathroom spaces. It’s not just a bathtub; it’s an art piece, elevating every bath into an immersive, luxe experience.

6. Hammered Metal  Sinks

Hammered Metal Sink 1
Hammered Metal Sink 2

We have a special place for hammered metal sinks in our design stories at Kate Hartman Interiors. The hand-hammered surface isn’t just robust and functional but also brings a warm, light-catching detail to the spaces we create. We see these sinks as more than just fixtures; they’re pieces of art that evolve, gaining a beautiful patina as they age and become part of the home’s story. Simple yet impactful, these brass sinks add a timeless and inviting touch to our interiors.

7. Eye-Catching Lighting

Lighting 1

At Kate Hartman Interiors, we use lighting to do more than just brighten a room. We choose lights that stand out, turning functional fixtures into stunning focal points that elevate the whole space. From dazzling chandeliers to artistic lamps, each piece is chosen not just for its illumination, but for the way it enhances and enriches the room, adding a unique character and warmth. In our designs, lighting isn’t just practical; it’s an integral part of the space’s personality and charm.

8. Phylrich Faucets

Kate Hartman Interiors chooses Phylrich Faucets for their perfect blend of elegance and practicality. These faucets, known for their excellent craftsmanship and timeless style, add a dash of luxury to our kitchens and bathrooms. With designs that range from classic to modern, Phylrich faucets enable us to add a special touch to each space, turning everyday areas into lush, aesthetic experiences. For us, these faucets are more than just fixtures; they’re a subtle, stylish statement that elevates every room.

Elevating Spaces With Thoughtful Touches

In the world of design, the little details make a big impact. Our exploration of fixtures and finishes has shown how small touches can transform and elevate a space beautifully. Remember that your home tells your story through every chosen detail. Here’s to creating spaces that not only look good but feel uniquely yours. Contact us at Kate Hartman Interiors today, and let’s begin crafting spaces you’ll love, cherish, and proudly call your own.

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