The powder room is an amazing room to have in your house. It is usually a very simple room only containing a sink and a toilet. Some specifically use it for guests so they do not have to enter the private living areas to go to the bathroom. Others use it as a place to wash hands when entering the house or to put on makeup quickly on the way out of the door. Though it is a simple room that can be used for so many different things, it’s also one of the rooms that seem to be the hardest to bring to life! If you are wanting to turn your powder room into something spectacular, then you are in the right place to get some ideas from our interior designer in Denver.

Powder Room Interior Design Ideas

You can use color to bring your power room to life. There are many different ways to incorporate color into your powder room. Since you are dealing with a small space, you can go boldly. One easy way to incorporate color and pattern is to use wallpaper. Wallpaper comes in various colors and designs, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to this option. The last way is to have the walls treated with a hand-painted design instead of wallpaper or solid wall color. A hand-painted wall allows you to go as custom as you like with both the pattern and the colors while also giving your space a truly unique feel.

Creating Sophistication In A Small Space

When working with a large space, it is easy to feel that you have unlimited opportunities to create sophistication in that space. However, let’s not discount the powder room just because it’s a smaller space. The use of tiles in the powder room not only adds color but adds texture to the space. Whether tiles are used on the walls or surrounding the sink area. Adding texture to a space like the powder room creates sophistication and depth to the small but grand space. Another way of creating texture is the use of drawers and cabinets in the sink area. Most powder rooms have a single-standing sink with no drawers or cabinets, but going the extra mile to add cabinets or drawers will give you extra storage space for things you and your guests may need and create texture in that space.

All of the Lights

Choosing the right light fixture is key to creating sophistication and adding a mood to the powder room. It is good to layer the lighting in the powder room and have functional overhead lights as well as mood lights. Adding a special ceiling-mounted light fixture can make a statement, but using wall sconces and even candles can create a soft mood. Mood light adds chic sophistication to the powder room.

Accessories Go A Long Way

Just like adding the perfect piece of jewelry can take an outfit to the next level, adding different accessories to the powder room can elevate the space, taking it to the next level. You can add easy and simple things, such as a coordinating soap dispenser, tissue box cover, and wastebasket. As mentioned earlier, towels can add color, but you can also use towels that have bold textured designs. Floral accents and greenery in small vases will go a long way when adding accessories to the powder room. Room diffusers are not only a good add-on for accessories, but they will also give the powder room its own amazing smell, making it an even more pleasant place. Lastly, wall art is another way to top off the walls especially if you painted the walls with a bold color or used wallpaper. If you didn’t do either of these, a nice piece of wall art will still bring the powder room walls to life. A few more accessory options to consider are:

  • Unique mirror options
  • Different types of decorative baskets
  • Decorative vases

The Completed Powder Room

There are many ways to create the powder room that you would like. From using bold and bright paint colors on the walls to creating texture through the use of tiles, cabinets, and drawers. Find the perfect lighting and top everything off with accessories. The bottom line is that the powder room is a great space in your home to get as creative as you want. It might be a smaller space, but it has large potential.
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