A sitting room provides an opportunity to tie the home’s overall design together in a neat bow. It is a place for relaxation, entertainment, and socialization. Although a sitting room is less formal than the dining room, elegance is still a prominent note. Kate Hartman Interiors, an interior designer in Denver, strives to bring your space to life by combining beauty with comfort.

Sitting Room Interior Design Ideas

Here are five sitting room interior design ideas to help you enhance your sitting room.

1. Color Scheme and Theme

The color scheme is the most apparent feature to the eye. Since the sitting room serves as a representation of the house’s theme, use bold color combinations to distinguish it from the rest of the house while still reflecting the theme. If the home is decorated in a more traditional style, incorporate elements from the home as well, such as vintage furniture.

2. Space and Placement

Without the right placement, decorative elements might seem irrelevant and dull. A sitting room’s space also adds intimacy while allowing for relaxing conversation. Think outside the box when it comes to the placement of plant decors. Use them as decorative items to avoid having them stand out too much and obstruct pathways to other rooms or block interaction.

3. Accessories and Accents

Whether you choose minimalism or maximalism for your sitting room, accents and accessories can make it come alive. Experiment with different shapes and sizes to add more depth to the room and make it unique. Floral arrangements on tables can mimic floral accents in the wallpaper. Or you could use a patterned rug to mirror the pattern on the ceiling.

4. Symmetry and Asymmetry

Symmetry is a pleasing visual that fits well with the design of the sitting room. Having two armchairs on either side of a table is one example of how symmetry highlights the room’s distinctive features. But even asymmetrical arrangements, like placing a single wingback chair next to a fireplace, can work well in a sitting room.

5. Lighting 

The warmth and ambiance of the room can depend on its lighting, making large rooms feel cozy and close-knit while also appearing to expand the tiny spaces in a room. Overhead light fixtures can also contribute to the theme of the sitting room because they highlight the ceiling while surface lights (table lamps and floor lamps) provide lighting at eye level and can feel less harsh.. During the day, the space may be brightened by natural light coming in through large windows, but artificial light can also achieve the same effect.

Interior Design With Kate Hartman Interiors

Both the small and prominent features of a home contribute to its comfort. Kate Hartman Interiors finds various ways to bring a sitting room to life. Don’t stop at just your sitting room — contact Kate Hartman Interiors in Denver today to get started on your whole-home design project.

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