Small living rooms are great opportunities for creativity. They can be bold and cozy, luxurious and functional. Don’t let the idea of little space discourage you from crafting a beautiful space that is welcoming and aesthetic.

Small Living Room Interior Design Ideas

You don’t have to push all of the furniture against the walls to get your desired look, nor do you need to knock down any walls. With a few creative ideas, your small living room will appear spacious and stylish. Experiment with what you like. Finding your style can take time. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Drench in Color

One trick is to paint everything in one color. Every wall and even the ceiling is the same color. A soft neutral will work in various lighting and create a blank canvas for you to accent in other ways. Darker colors like deep grays and navy are rising in popularity as well. Cloth, picture, and furniture choices can showcase your personality and identity. The focus of the room is taken away from the edges and brought to the center of the room. This gives the room a more spacious feel.

Incorporate Light Sources

A compact space should have at minimum three working lights. Each light should be at a different height, be indirect, and keep your eyes moving about the room. A ceiling light, table lamp, fireplace, and window are examples of using different heights. Diversifying light sources adds visual interest and lighter rooms tend to feel bigger.

Use a Multi-Purpose Coffee Table

If you are incredibly short on space, then every piece of furniture needs to serve a purpose. Choose a coffee table that either has integrated storage or has space for storage. Some coffee tables also come with removable trays to provide an extra surface if needed. By putting your furniture to work, you can utilize more space and reduce the amount of space taken up by clunky storage-only pieces.

Create a Feature Wall

By having one wall to focus on, you create a clear focal point. This keeps the room from feeling cluttered and claustrophobic. Too much decoration can make the room feel heavy and your eye doesn’t know where to look. They remain busy and unable to focus on just one thing. Having a clear focal point adds a dynamic layer to your living room and keeps you from feeling like the walls are closing in.

Add Mirrors

Adding mirrors provides the illusion that there is more space than there is. They reflect light and double the image of the interior décor making it appear as though the room is twice as big. Try going with a mirror that covers an entire wall to create a bigger illusion.

Kate Hartman Interiors in Denver, CO

If you are still struggling with finding ways to make your space appear bigger, or are struggling to find your style, then we would love to help you. At Kate Hartman Interiors, we provide full-service design for residential spaces in Denver, CO. Our interior designer would love to help you learn how to make the most of your space. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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