When thinking of new ways to decorate or redecorate your home, you probably think of a long list of things. Last on that list is perhaps the ceilings. However, don’t count the ceiling out! Recently statement ceilings have become increasingly popular. A statement ceiling is a ceiling that has some type of decorative treatment to create an exciting look outside of the standard plain white ceiling. Making a statement ceiling allows you to bring personality to a room in a different way. Not only does it show off your design style, but it also serves as an opportunity for you to step outside the box and try something different. You are in the right place with Kate Hartman Interiors, an interior designer in Denver, to find ideas to create the statement ceiling you want.

Statement Ceiling Ideas

Statement ceilings can add a chic, unique sophistication to any room and elevate the design quality of your home. When beginning the journey to creating a statement ceiling, you may need help knowing where to start or how to go about creating a statement ceiling. However, there are a few key things you should consider adding when creating your statement ceiling.

Ceiling Fans Can Be Art

Ceiling fans are a great aspect to add when creating a statement ceiling. It’s like crossing two hurdles with one leap because it provides a design element and serves as lighting and circulation for the room. Ceiling fans come in many styles and colors; you can be as bold or soft as you want. Ceiling fans add an area of interest to the room by creating a bold focal point on the ceiling.

Light It Up

Lights are an obvious add-on to a ceiling. We discussed ceiling fans being an option for design and light, but dynamic light pendants and chandeliers can also serve as a design and light source. Recessed lighting is also a good lighting option. These are lights that are built into the ceiling. You can combine these lights with a hanging pendant or use them independently. Recessed lighting can also be as subtle or dramatic as you would like.

Paint, Color, Wallpaper

You can’t have a statement ceiling without some color. You can paint the ceiling one solid color. When choosing colors to paint your ceiling, you could consider bold colors like:

1. Deep Red
2. Dark Green
3. Bright Blue
4. Chesnut Brown

This is a simple way to add some much-needed drama to a statement ceiling. You could also take another route to add color to a statement ceiling, which would be to use wallpaper on the ceiling. Yes, you read that right. Using wallpaper on the ceiling is a fun and simple way to incorporate color, design, and texture. However, wallpaper is not the only way to add texture; wood beams or paneling will add depth and texture to a statement ceiling.

Statement Ceiling Is A Unique Addition

Creating a statement ceiling is a unique way of updating the look of a room. Whether you use fans, large hanging pendants, different forms of lighting, colors, or wallpaper, at Kate Hartman Interiors, we can help with all your decorative ideas and needs. We can help you turn an ordinary ceiling into an extraordinary statement ceiling that will dazzle your home.

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