As we embrace the Winter season, there’s nothing quite like the allure of the great outdoors. However, staying warm is essential during this time, and that’s where fireplaces come into play. They not only provide a cozy source of heat indoors but also extend their welcoming warmth to outdoor enthusiasts. While bundling up in coats, gloves, and hats can help combat the chill, sometimes, all you want is to grab a blanket and nestle close to the outdoor fireplace. With this in mind, there are several ways to design your outdoor fireplace, ensuring it not only keeps you warm but also exudes elegance and charm, creating a welcoming ambiance. If you’re looking to turn your outdoor fireplace dreams into reality, allow Kate Hartman Interiors, an interior designer in Denver, to guide you in crafting the perfect setting.

The Best Outdoor Fireplace Ideas 

For thousands of years, people have gathered around fires, primarily for cooking. Nowadays, outdoor fireplaces are highly valued. If you’re considering adding one to your outdoor area, the first thing to think about is the style you want. Are you looking to create a full-fledged outdoor kitchen with features like a wood-fired oven, or do you prefer a more modest outdoor living space that mirrors your indoor setup? Regardless of your choice, there are numerous options to help you craft the outdoor fireplace space that matches your vision.

Fire Safety 

One thing you definitely want to avoid is having to call the fire department to extinguish a fire. Safety should always be the top priority when dealing with fireplaces, especially during installation. It’s crucial to place them correctly to ensure proper venting of gas and smoke. Ideally, positioning the fireplace at the edge of the patio is a good choice unless you have an enclosed patio, in which case, integrating it into an existing wall may work. In either scenario, it’s essential to ensure adequate ventilation and a chimney to allow the safe release of gases and exhaust.

Money Matters When It Comes To Fire 

Now that we have safety measures down, we can begin to work on the fireplace. We know that budget is something that matters when looking to either add a fireplace to your backyard or add to what you already have and create a complete outdoor kitchen. For those who don’t want to go this route, you may want to consider a small fire pit. It’s still a source of warmth that you and your family can sit around and enjoy. A fire pit needs to be at least ten feet away from the home itself. Since there is no specific chimney ventilation you want to make sure the fire pit is far enough from the home that smoke can go freely into the open air without affecting your property. Fire pits are cost-efficient and offer the same qualities as a fireplace. 

Materials To Keep The Fire Burning 

Are you going for a wood-burning fireplace or gas? Are you trying to generate heat or just have the fireplace serve as a focal point of the backyard? These will all drive the cost of the most appropriate materials. Brick is always a classic option that serves the purpose no matter what you are going for. Other material options include: 

  • Concrete 
  • Stone 
  • Stucco

However, the best thing about brick is that it can be painted to match the house color or painted to create a whole new design pattern. You could also consider adding some wooden aspects. If you’re going for a classic outdoor fireplace look, a wooden mantel will serve as a great addition. You could also make your brick fireplace more modern by going with a metal mantle instead of a wooden one. 

Outdoor Fireplace Design 

Once you get your fireplace built or installed, it’s time to add furniture that will complement the fireplace. You can always go preppy with stripes on your outdoor furniture.  The furniture itself can be a solid color but you can bring out the details in the pillows and cushions. You can go bold with colors; using a stand-out color for your furniture can bring all eyes to the fireplace and the surroundings. If you love to host outdoor events then a table with hanging lights is a must. Hanging lights can add a sense of coziness to the atmosphere. They can be found in white light and yellow light. You can’t go wrong with either, you just have to decide if you want the brightness of the white or the soft warmth from the yellow lights. Let’s not forget you can also go modern and contemporary with your outdoor setup by using neutral colors while keeping the shapes of your furniture very sharp. 

Creating Something New With An Outdoor Fireplace 

Utilizing an outdoor fireplace has many advantages. Not only can it draw a focal point to your backyard, and allow space for gathering, but it can also be a blank canvas for you to explore a completely new design that’s separate from your home. You have the chance to create a different space that will leave you and your guests wanting to spend all of your time outdoors. So what are you waiting for? With winter quickly approaching let Kate Hartman Interiors help you design an outdoor space you will love for years to come. Contact us today!

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