Many of us get caught up in the dream of do-it-yourself home renovations and interior design videos on the internet. It’s fun to get inspired and also understandable to want to conquer a large task like home improvement. However, sometimes a professional is the best way to go. As an interior designer in Vail Valley, Kate Hartman Interiors would love to help you with your projects. 

The Value of Hiring A Professional Designer

Some interior design and home renovation ideas are truly relatively simple. You know what style you like so you only want to repaint, choose different lighting methods, or change the theme of a feature wall. In many cases though, some obscure issues arise that are best handled by a trained professional or someone who has connections to the right professionals. DIY may save you money at the risk of sacrificing time. There is also the possibility that you end up spending more money than you originally budgeted to fix plumbing, electrical, and architectural issues. Instead, there are a lot of benefits to hiring a professional designer such as peace of mind, saving time, and knowing your money is being allocated efficiently.  

An Intuitive and Analytical Eye

A good professional interior designer is both analytical and intuitive. You have to have an eye for design as well as an understanding of combining style with function and comfort. Your interior designer should take into account your lifestyle in addition to your interior design style preferences. They can analyze your renovation zone and tell you innovative ways to maximize space, refresh the aesthetic, and make the area more conducive to your life. They won’t try to convince you to do something that may look great but is not functional or comfortable and ends up being practically unusable. If you’re going to spend time and money on your home, then you want to make sure it’s being done efficiently and well. A professional interior designer will help you settle on a cohesive design that excites and inspires you. They create an action plan around the design to make sure that the renovation is done well and within a reasonable time.

A Budget-First Mindset

Setting a budget is one of the most important aspects of home renovation. If you hire a professional designer, they will make sure that your dream is achieved within a realistic budget. If something seems unrealistic, they will let you know before you get your hopes up so you can pick something you are just as excited about but within budget. They will also find ways to save money on some elements so that your bigger budget items don’t have to be sacrificed unless necessary. An interior designer who cares about their clients and wants them to have realistic expectations and successful projects will be upfront about your budget and their fees. They want you to be happy with your final design and will make sure you don’t overspend. If you try to DIY a complicated project, there is always a possibility you will go over budget to correct an issue that can’t be disguised. Be honest and clear about your budget expectations so they know the best way to allocate those funds to the different elements of renovation.


Professional interior designers have amazing connections to contractors and professionals who know how to correctly handle complicated elements. For safety and to make sure your home is up to code, your interior designer hires electricians, plumbers, and construction and installation teams. If you try to tackle these things on your own, you could cause serious damage to your home. Electrical fires and shaky construction are not things you want to risk. Even a simple detail like making sure cabinetry or shelving sits flush with a wall can be difficult for a lot of amateur renovators. A professional can take care of this much faster and save you a lot of headaches. If you have a project in mind that requires more knowledge about potentially dangerous aspects of home renovation or detailed work it’s best to let a professional interior designer walk you through the realities of these aspects and get in touch with those who will make sure it is done correctly.

Kate Hartman Interiors in Colorado

Kate Hartman Interiors is a professional interior design firm with a budget-first mindset and a love for style and function. If you have a renovation project in mind, let Kate Hartman create a plan that works with your budget and saves you the hassle of issues that come from DIY. Get in touch with us today and fill out our client questionnaire to get started. We’ll help you make a beautiful space you’re proud of for years to come. 

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