At Kate Hartman Interiors, we know having a beautifully decorated home is only half of the equation. The other half is ensuring it works for you, your family, and your lifestyle. It can be a challenge to achieve a stylish and functional space, but our Denver interior design firm has compiled top tips to achieve the perfect look and use of space. 

Tips for Bringing Functionality and Style Together 

One of the most important things to remember when creating a functional and stylish space is to keep an open mind. When working with an interior designer, it’s also important to be critical and provide constructive feedback. Remember, the designer does not live or work in this space- you do! They may suggest something that is great on paper, but not achievable for how your family lives and works. Keep these tips and tricks in mind when bringing style and functionality together. 

Remove the Clutter & Get Smart with Storage

The fastest and cheapest way to make a space more functional is to remove the clutter. Work in defined stages and work on clearing one area or section at a time. You won’t be able to get rid of everything, that’s simply not realistic. With what you are keeping, be sure you are mindful of how you put it back. 

Your home may have ample storage, but are you making the best use of the space? There can also be functionality with storage. For example, if your breakfast includes a toasted bagel every day, store the toaster in a cabinet next to the counter space you’ll use, near a plug and in the front of the cabinet so it’s easily accessible. Other appliances that aren’t used as frequently can be placed behind the toaster. 

Functional Homes Have Defined Spaces & Good Flow 

The trend in most homes today is to have an open floor plan with living, dinin, and kitchen spaces all blending into one. Even with these open spaces, we still want to define certain areas. By utilizing furniture and accessories, you can create separate sections that clearly define living and dining spaces. Rugs are a great way to separate one space from another. 

The flow of the space should be seamless. You, your family, and your guests should be able to move freely around the space without bumping into furniture and use doors and windows without obstruction. When moving and adjusting furniture, think about how you walk around the room and how you interact with the room. Are useful items placed next to one another- like end tables, coffee tables, and seating areas? This step might take several different sketches and several tries to get it right. 

Choose Functional Lighting & Furniture 

Lighting is an important aspect of style that is mentioned a lot in interior design. Accent lighting can highlight specific areas or objects within a room. Pendant lights over a countertop can highlight work spaces, making it easier to cook and clean in these areas. Accent lighting in the living room can make it more warm and inviting, and make it easier to read. 

Of course, all of this work is for nothing if the furniture simply does not match your lifestyle. A loveseat isn’t going to work in a living room if you have a large family, and stark white rugs won’t work if you have pets that track in dirt and mud from the outdoors. Choose fabrics and colors that can withstand the daily use of you and your family.  

Functional Homes Use All Available Space

Using all available space means looking high and low. Use shelves and bookcases to take your storage space vertical. This can help serve two purposes- getting things off the floor and creating more surface area. By choosing thoughtful pieces, you can add your own personal style and beauty to your home, making it all part of the art. Storing things under beds that aren’t used frequently or seasonally is a great way to create more space in drawers and closets. 

Bring Style and Functionality Together with Kate Hartman Interiors 

These tips might be easier said than done, and that’s where the team at Kate Hartman Interiors comes to help. Our Denver-based interior design firm can help you create a beautifully functional home. To get started, fill out our client questionnaire online today. 

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