Surrounded by natural beauty, the Colorado home is a canvas waiting to be filled in with the owner’s personal taste in harmony with the landscape around it. The first step in determining one’s style is knowing what types are available. From there you can narrow down what you do and do not like. From Colorado Homes & Lifestyles magazine, learn more about the top 5 favorite interior design styles in the state.

#5 – Modern Country

Coming in as the fifth most popular interior design style in Colorado is Modern Country for those wanting a home inspired by a simpler life. This style is defined by neutral colors, like whites and creams. Accent colors are typically inspired by the countryside. Greens reminiscent of meadows, blues that look like dawn far away from the city, and soft yellows and deep red like the sunrise over the mountains. This style can bring some light into a home due to its focus on whites, off-whites, and pastels.

#4 – Bohemian

For our free-spirited and bright color lovers, Bohemian is a great starting point. This style often layers patterns, textures, and color. As one of the freer styles, you can experiment with a variety of fabrics and unique accents. This style can be quite loud and eclectic, a far cry from minimalism. With the right eye for organized chaos, it can create a fun space for entertaining guests, or you can just admire the vibrancy on your own.

#3 – Hollywood Regency

If you dream of opulence and throwing your very own Gatsby party, look into Hollywood Regency, aka Regency Moderne. This is for those who wish to lounge in luxury. Bold colors, metallic (often gold), and glass accents reign in this style. Finding rugs, furniture, or decorative pieces in the art deco style will elevate your space. Don’t be afraid to get creative with colors and accent walls. Although bold and lavish, there is order and structure. You will find symmetry and a cohesive flow amongst the boldness. 

#2 – Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse is for the minimalist who enjoys a streamlined look. Like Modern Country, this style also uses neutral colors and soft accents. Modern farmhouse focuses on having only what is essential and possibly a few extra items that have a place but do not crowd the room. There is an emphasis on clean lines, rustic vintage pieces, and reclaimed wood.

#1 – Farmhouse

Finally, the most popular interior design style in Colorado — the Classic Farmhouse. Where Modern Farmhouse is more minimalist, Farmhouse leans towards being maximalist. This home often comes furnished with barn-style doors, shiplap walls, and rustic accents. Iron finishings, big furniture, and wooden floors make you feel like you’re living in a country getaway even if you are in the middle of the suburbs. Neutral colors are also utilized here, with splashes of color. A vase of flowers on the dining room table, decorative pillows, and wooden rafters add visual interest.

Interior Design In Boulder, CO

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of interior design options and would like help narrowing down your style for your next renovation or interior furnishings project, Kate Hartman Interiors in Boulder, CO would love to help. If you are interested in learning more or scheduling a consultation, contact us today!

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