What Does an Interior Designer in Boulder, CO Do?

When trying to transform any space, from a single room to an entire home renovation, there are many things to think about. With all the options and possibilities, this can become overwhelming for the average person. Kate Hartman Interiors out of Boulder, CO has the skill and the trained eye to handle this vast task for you. Keep reading to learn more about what Kate Hartman Interiors does. 

The Total Package

As an interior designer, Kate Hartman Interiors provides the total package. Everything you will need for your project from start to finish. 

These can include:

    • Fixtures 
    • Finish selections
    • Elevation
    • Layout Drawings
    • Full or Partial Home Furnishings

Having someone provide all of these things at your fingertips can make things easier when it comes to getting the look you want for your space.

Wide shot of a livingroom

Bringing Your Space to Life 

Another big part of an interior designer’s job is helping you to visualize your space! Of course, we show you options for the fixtures and the finishes, but we also help you visualize and see how those things would look in your space. We do this by using elevation and layout drawings. 

Once Kate Hartman Interiors understands your style, we can easily guide you to selections that would take your space to the next level. Then show how it would look in each area. These things are essential to pin down before final budgeting is set.

The Budget

Kate Hartman Interiors will guide you in building your design and planning a budget. It is one of the most significant parts of the process. As interior designers, we must provide you with the options that would work best in your space and also make sure your selections are fully complete before building a price out. Kate Hartman Interiors strives to make things easier on our clients. Part of that is bringing ideas to fit your space and style, all for the price point that would work best for you. 

Construction Administration

A Client’s Advocate 

All is done with picking the options for your space and setting a budget. Now it’s time to bring your space to life, which is Kate Hartman Interiors’ next job. Our Construction Administration service is there to make things easier on clients and advocate for them throughout the renovation process when working with contractors. The contractors are there to get a job done, but we are there for you. Kate Hartman Interiors ensures a cohesive relationship is maintained between client and contractor. 

Want to Elevate Your Space? 

These are not a task for the average person! The right professional interior designer can make the whole process as easy as possible while bringing your interior design dream to life. Contact Kate Hartman Interiors in and around Boulder, CO today to get started.

Let us know how we can help you with your next project.

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