What is the difference between an interior designer, an interior decorator, and an interior design firm? Let’s talk through a few differences and why you may benefit from an interior design firm rather than a single designer or decorator.

What Is An Interior Design Firm

It is easy to confuse an interior design firm, a single interior designer, and an interior decorator. It is a misconception that they all do the same thing. In reality, these three things could even be considered three different professions.

Interior Design Firm in Boulder

Our Interior Design Firm in Boulder provides more than just furnishings for your home setting us apart from an interior decorators. We focus on the whole space including elevations and fixtures & finishes. Compared to a single interior designer, Kate Hartman interiors also provides Construction Administration services.

Construction Administration 

We will be your advocate during the renovation process. Our team will work with contractors, architects, and even installers to ensure your dream home comes to life as close to the interior design plan. If an issue arises, we will handle it so you can relax and know that your remodel is in good hands.

Whole-Home Interior Design

Kate Hartman Interiors recommends remodeling and designing your whole home. This ensures that all fixtures and finishes can match without something going out of stock for weeks on end, enough fabrics needed can be ordered from the same dye batch, and new flooring and paint can be properly colored. The end result is truly your dream home and not just a single room with a laundry list of others for the future. 

We will work with you to create a complete interior design plan for every room in your home and discuss the budget upfront so you can make informed decisions for your project.

Remodel Your Space With Kate Hartman Interiors

Our interior design firm in Boulder creates luxury interior design plans to elevate any space. View our portfolio for inspiration and start planning for your next interior design project. Ready to get started? Let’s talk about your house goals!

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