Kate Hartman Interiors is ready to fill you in on the latest contemporary interior design trends. Suppose you’re looking to renovate or redesign your home in Denver, CO. We will walk you through discovering contemporary interior design, elements to consider, and how to get started with our interior designer in Denver

What Is Contemporary Interior Design?

In simple terms, contemporary design means all the current trends and top designs. This design style changes with time. So, what was contemporary ten years ago, may be different now. As a designer, you must keep up with every update in the art world to master this craft. 

The current design fashion uses minimalist methods. Further, subtle tones and delicate items are the prime factors for this style.

Crucial Elements of Contemporary Interior Design

  • Experimenting: Designers should never be afraid to take risks. Contemporary designing needs you to keep up with trends but urges you to be a trendsetter simultaneously. You can experiment with new color combinations and design patterns.
  • Use Shapes and Patterns: This design style allows you to make a statement. You can use various shapes, lines, and patterns to your benefit. Shapes can help you change the look of a place. You can make your house seem bigger or smaller using the correct shapes and colors.
  • Focus on Minor Details: Focusing on minor details is crucial when using this design style. So, you must have a keen eye and try to add style and meaning to minute objects.

Contemporary Design Vs. Modern Design

People often mix up contemporary design with modern design. While modern interior design is the trend of the present era, contemporary interior design is different. The contemporary does not limit itself to one time period. Instead, it is constant and outlives other periods. So, even when modern interior design goes out of fashion, contemporary interior design will evolve and renew itself.

Contemporary Interior Design Tips for You

Interior design has many factors in play. You can use them all, from objects and shapes to colors and tones. Create the most alluring home designs using these simple ideas, even on a budget. Here are some design pointers and concepts:

  • Don’t be afraid of color. While a neutral backdrop (think white walls) can provide a beautiful base, saturated colors can also be used as a “neutral” and provide a more creative alternative to white, beige, and gray. 
  • Afraid of color? Texture might be the answer. Interest can be built with texture in lieu of color. Variations in tone-on-tone patterns, rich velvets, and crisp linens all create interest in a space, even without adding color.  
  • Accessories are key. Don’t forget to budget and plan for accessories (pillows, books, throws, plants, etc). These items bring life to a space and make it feel like a home. 

Interior Design With Kate Hartman Interiors

Contemporary interior design is a design style characterized by minimalism, simplicity, and a focus on functionality. It often incorporates clean lines, neutral colors, and natural materials and incorporates current design trends and technology. It is often described as “of the moment,” reflecting the current culture and society.

To get started on your interior design project in the Denver area, contact Kate Hartman Interiors today. Our interior designer in Denver will work with you to develop a budget, layout, and timeline.

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