Trends are constantly evolving and if you’re looking for an interior design update, now is the time to try something fresh and invigorating. Regardless of what your style is, there is a way to incorporate this season’s interior design trends in Colorado. Read more about what’s trending below with Kate Hartman Interiors.

What’s Trending This Season

For the past year or so, we’ve seen a return to incorporating personality and unique character into a home. Sell-ready interiors are decreasing in popularity for homeowners. Individuality, heritage, nostalgia, and warm and inviting interior elements have increased in popularity after years of neutrals and clean, harsh lines. There has been a gradual move away from minimalistic conformity and this has been reflected in fashion and interior design trends. If you still love neutrals and clean lines, there is absolutely a way to update these elements so that your home feels new and exciting to you.

1. Vintage and Historical Aesthetics  

The classics have made a comeback in many home renovations. With an uprise of thrifting and a return to valuing family heirlooms and antiques, incorporating aesthetics that were popular at various times in history is a great way to introduce color and personality into your home.

Look to the eras of Baroque, Renaissance, Victorian, Mid-Century Modern, and the 80s/90s for inspiration to combine with your more contemporary pieces. One popular trend and a great example of combining vintage with modern elements is the French Coquette trend. Perhaps thanks to the Barbie movie, there’s been a rise in appreciation for all things pink and feminine. French Coquette features florals, bows, and ruffles, and is reminiscent of Marie Antoinette if her bed chambers were pink. Consider thrifting vintage crewel work (a form of embroidery with wool thread) and create a feature wall around your collection. This technique has been around since at least the 13th century and saw an uptick in popularity with kits in the 80s so you’ll be able to incorporate it regardless of the aesthetic era you choose. 

People are also seeking to preserve the older elements of their homes. Ornate crown molding, intricate wall designs, and original floors are being restored and maintained. By making the old “new again,” you add character to your home and brighten up the space, as well as give intricately crafted pieces some love.

2. Structural Curves

While the previous trend was curvy mirrors, furniture, and lighting, the new trend is all about the architecture and structure of your home. think curves in stairwells, ceilings, and entryways. These are softer lines that, in theory, create an emphasis on openness and make spaces more inviting. Sculptures that have more curves than corners are also being featured. Consider local artwork, jewelry trays, and wall decorations that soften your home.  

3. Browns

The updated neutral trend uses an array of browns in various tones. If you still prefer a less eclectic and more neutral home, opt for accenting with browns or even repainting some walls in a brown you love. You can start small by replacing your pillows with brown ones, throws, replacing picture frames, etc. Add in some smaller pieces to see how you like it. 

If you already know you love a certain brown, then play with textured pieces, curtains, wallpaper, textiles, cabinetry, or replacing your furniture. 

4. Textured Walls

Whether it’s Roman clay, limewash, or Venetian plaster, people are moving away from smooth walls and adding texture. These trends add dimension and visual intrigue to the eye. Dynamic movement in interior design creates fluidity and elevates the general aesthetic you’re going for. Wallpapers and sculpture wall art are also fantastic options and there are plenty of ways to combine different elements cohesively.

5. Social Spaces

In a post-pandemic world, people are seeking more human connection. Many are seeking ways to unplug and enjoy time with friends and family away from screens. Some dedicated space for socializing creates a “digital free” zone that is great for implementing quality time with others. Speakeasy-style home bars, lounges, pickleball courts, libraries, and game rooms with plenty of board games are a few ways you can create a place in your home to foster human connection. 

Kate Hartman Interiors

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