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Kate Hartman Interiors is a full-service interior designer in Congress Park, CO. The design agency specializes in residential and commercial interior design ranging from complete and partial furnishings to construction administration. Kate Hartman Interiors goes above and beyond offering excellent support for clients throughout every part of the Interior design project process. Our interior design firm strives to create an engaging and unique space where comfort and beauty can come together as one.

Congress Park Interior Designer 

Kate Hartman is the owner and head designer of Kate Hartman Interiors. With her home state being Alabama she moved to Boulder, CO in 2021 with her husband and son. Kate’s distinguished background in engineering and love for luxury interior design that creates a welcoming environment makes her design projects stand out from others. She brings structure to creativity. From designing her own home to running a home furnishings store (Chickadee) and other interior design partnerships (Chickadee Interiors and Hartman Neely Interiors), Kate Hartman has fine-tuned her expertise with Kate Hartman Interiors. The Kate Hartman Interiors Design Associate Molly Gause joined the team in 2018 with Chickadee Interiors. Her chic sense of style is top-of-the-line and stands out with Kate Hartman Interiors. While she assists with the entire design process her sweet personality and eye for detail bring a different touch to every project.  

Kate Hartman and Molly Gause of Kate Hartman Interiors

Congress Park Interior Design With Kate Hartman 

Kate Hartman Interiors in Congress Park, CO works to create a welcoming environment, with every project, that combines harmony and beauty. Our process is more than just aesthetics, we work to go beyond client expectations through consistent communication and keeping clients in the loop. This is important so that clients know what to expect in all aspects of project management. We offer local, full-service interior design and construction administration to manage our clients’ expectations. Our services include:

  1. Interior Design 
  2. Construction Administration 
  3. Finish and Fixture Selections 
  4. Partial and Full Home Furnishings 
  5. Detailed Elevations and Room Layouts 

Kate Hartman Interiors also offers Construction Administration services. We work as client advocates communicating with architects and contractors. Inevitably unexpected construction challenges can arise, and our goal is to handle the issue in a timely manner, with creativity and the client’s interest in mind, without compromising the overall design.   

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Kate and Molly working on a project

The Kate Hartman Interior Style  

Kate Hartman Interiors strives to get to know every client and their personally unique style. The design agency has an eclectic mix of modern interior design and vintage inspiration. As your interior designer in Congress Park, CO we will assist with deciding on a style you love. We also take into consideration heirloom accessories or sentimental items within the interior design plan. 

Elevating Interior Design In Congress Park 

Kate Hartman Interiors sets expectations up front, clients will know what to expect and be notified of any issues and solutions. Our budget-first mindset and transparent process at the beginning set us out from other Congress Park, Colorado area interior design firms. We make plain what we do, how we will work with you, and what our terms and conditions are. 

Design Budgeting Expectations 

Kate Hartman Interiors creates a complete interior design plan at the start that includes: fixtures, and finishes, colors, and even accessories. Having these decisions early in the process allows for budget adjustments to be made before a client can get their heart set on an out-of-budget item or realize they don’t have to settle for a lower-budget item. This also allows for budget planning to complete your project. 

Our thorough planning process consists of three key budgeting aspects:

  1. Furnishings Budget 
  2. Detailed Elevations Budget 
  3. Fixtures and Finishes Allowances 

We follow a clear and compact process for budget development before moving to the next steps in the project. Every detail is important which means no corner is cut with our process.  

Kate Hartman Interior Fees

There is so much time that goes into completing a consultation that includes visualizing a design, selecting items, creating an itemized budget, maintaining constant communication, and more. 

There is a consultation fee for the initial consultation, budgeting, and follow-up meetings that is included. Once we are in the design phase of the process, clients pay an hourly rate for our services ( the time it takes to design and execute all pieces of the project from start to finish) and pay for the furnishings. For each space we are designing we will also tell you how many hours we anticipate are needed to complete the design selections. This number will help you when doing budget planning and takes away the stress of guessing.

How To Choose An Interior Designer 

No two interior design firms are alike and when choosing an interior designer there are a few things to keep in mind:

Start by checking out the types of designs the interior designer has done before to see if they match what you’re looking for. For example, Kate Hartman Interiors has a portfolio ranging from pool houses to office spaces. Then, make sure they fit your budget; we’re open about costs to avoid surprises. Also, be prepared to wait a bit before they can start, as good designers often have a waitlist. Ready for a new design? Reach out to Kate Hartman Interiors to begin!

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