It is easy to consider an interior designer and an interior decorator as the same profession. The two are similar in that they help decorate a space, but there is so much more to interior design. Our interior designer in Boulder, CO provides multiple services beyond just decorating to bring a room to life. Learn more about the difference between interior designers and decorators and determine which you need for your project.

Interior Designer Vs. Decorator

At the base, Interior design considers a space’s functionality and turns it into art. Interior design often includes the whole home versus just one room that an interior decorator may tackle. Interior decorating is furnishing a space with home decor pieces and accessories to achieve a certain aesthetic. 

Interior designers decorate, but interior decorators do not design.

What Exactly Does An Interior Designer Do

As an interior designer in Boulder, Kate Hartman Interiors provides luxury services for luxury interior design. Our services include:

      • Fixtures 
      • Finish Selections
      • Elevation
      • Layout Drawings
      • Full or Partial Home Furnishings
      • Construction Administration

Our interior design firm specializes in elevations, layout drawings, and construction administration. These are services that are hard to come by. We not only decorate your space, but we also help you visualize what it will look like. If renovations are wanted, we work with architects and contractors to be your voice and ensure that your vision comes to life as best as possible. 

You can learn more about what an interior designer with Kate Hartman Interiors does.

Going Beyond Decorations

We go above and beyond home decorations. Kate Hartman Interiors supports clients in every phase of a project — from sofa options to fixture and finish selections like kitchen faucets construction administration. We handle it all; our goal is to ensure your dream home design comes to life. Understanding and loving your space’s look, feel, and flow from one room to the next is essential.

Choosing An Interior Designer Or A Decorator

If your project requires renovations, full home furnishings, fixture and finish replacements, or elevation changes, you may want to consider an interior designer in Boulder. If you are looking to decorate an existing space without buying new furniture, you will want to consider a decorator. Our interior design firm serves the Boulder, CO and Denver, CO areas and surrounding cities.

Hiring Kate Hartman Interiors

We will help you plan your interior design project’s budget, layout, and more. Contact us today to get started and learn more about what you can expect with Kate Hartman Interiors in Boulder, CO.

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