How to Choose an Interior Designer

10 Steps to Finding an Interior Designer

Choosing an interior designer in Boulder, CO can be overwhelming. You’re choosing someone to assist you with interior projects in your home, where you and your family will spend time, make memories and relax, and where you are the one who will live with the final results.  When making your decision, we suggest following a few simple steps. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Finding Your Style

Search a few websites and maybe even create a Pinterest board to see what the current trends are and which direction you lean. Many designers have their signature style, and that can help you in your searches and interviews. It should also be said that a good designer should be able to adapt to your preferences and style.

2. Look at Recent Projects in a Portfolio

It’s a good idea to take a look at a designer’s recent work. Check out their recent projects to get a feel for the product they deliver. Ask yourself “Can I see myself living or working in this space? Does it fit the idea I have in mind for my home or office?”

3. Set a Budget

Setting an interior design budget is an important step in the process, but it can be a little difficult. Your interior designer can help you manage expectations. Some designers charge a flat fee and some charge by the hour. This can greatly affect your cost and is something to consider when making your selection.

4. Meet With Potential Designers

Once you’ve narrowed down your list to a few names, take some time to meet with the candidates. Most of the time, these initial consultations are free, but it’s a good idea to ask ahead of time and factor that into your budget.

5. Ask All of the Important Questions

Ask all of the Important Questions – Some questions you’ll want to ask include asking for recent clients to speak with, what their experience is, what qualifications they have, costs, duration of the project and more. Write them down ahead of time so you don’t forget. The designer should have some questions for you too to set manageable expectations.

6. Take Good Notes for Comparison

Once you’ve met with several designers, compare notes from your meetings. Compare things like cost, timelines and communication styles. Don’t necessarily choose the cheapest option- sometimes you truly get what you pay for!

7. Have an Open Mind

Designers aren’t mind readers, and sometimes trial and error will come into play. If he or she presents an idea you aren’t automatically on board with, try to see the bigger picture. Also take this opportunity to provide the designer with feedback, so further selections can be fine-tuned.

8. Make Your Interior Designer Selection

Congrats! You’ve found a designer. Before any work is done, be sure to sign a contract. This protects both you and the designer. The contract should include timeline, budgets and other important details.

9. Discuss Your Ideas With Your Designer

With the help of your interior designer, work together to come up with a schedule and complete design plan. The logistics of what renovations come first and at what point in the timeline are something the designer will be familiar with. You and the designer should work together to talk about what pieces you are keeping, what materials and pieces you need to purchase and more.

10. Be Flexible and Open To Different Styles

Your plans might need to change and be modified as you go. Some pieces may be delayed in shipping, or you may need to modify your work schedule to be home when pieces are delivered. Your designer will communicate with you along the way and can help provide support where needed.

Know Which Interior Design Services You’re Looking For

Depending on the scope of your project, you may have specific needs. Different interiors designers may offer different services. Learn more about the services offered by Kate Hartman Interiors.

  • Fixture and Finish Selections — with full-service projects, we start by selecting the fixtures and finishes at the same time. This helps ensure cohesiveness and helps meet client expectations. It’s important to have these selections in place before construction pricing begins. 
  • Layouts: Elevation — sometimes visualizing can be difficult. With our detailed elevations and room layouts, we can truly bring the space to life before construction even begins. 
  • Full & Partial Home Furnishings — once we have met with clients and have a clear understanding of their personal style, we can then provide curated selections that match their style. 
  • Construction Administration — having a symbiotic relationship between you, the architect, the contractors and the designer is of utmost importance during the building and designing process. It’s our job to be your advocate through this process. Even with the best pre-planning, challenges arise with every project. It’s our job to help navigate these challenges without compromising budget or requests.


Kate Hartman Interiors is Your Local Boulder, CO Designer

While your interior design project may seem like a daunting task, the professionals at Kate Hartman Interiors are here to help. Whether it’s a redecorating project or a remodeling project, our team of talented designers has years of experience and dedication. To get a quote, ask a question or to get your project started, contact us today!

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